I am assuming that the "Add One Like This" {AOLT} is similar tot the draft copy feature at Discogs. Is this correct? If so, I have tried to access the AOLT feature earlier and it did not seem to be working.

Yes, it's similar to the Discogs' copy to draft. The only difference is that it doesn't actually add a copy of the submission to your drafts, but it just opens a copy of submission, which you can then edit and save to drafts.

For me it seems to be working normally. Have you tried with another browser?

I think it is okay for now. I will try again tomorrow when I have the spare time (I am retired).
I found the additional information via the Wiki section earlier this afternoon and that clarified a lot/
Thanks for your help.

Np. Hopefully it works out. It's a really useful tool, especially with magazines.

Changed my browser to Firefox and it solved the problem. The AOLT feature works great for books in a series. It also solved the problems I had with trying to add images. Now smooooth sailing on both fronts. Thanks again.

hey nogg1nwhack, welcome to Bookogs. Thanks for contributing.

Glad to see mirva's steps worked for you. Could you please tell us which browser you were using previously where the Add one like this feature didn't work? As mentioned its a useful feature, so we want to try to see if we can fix it if its broken in some browsers.

I was using the Internet Explorer/Google verssion that was supplied free with Windows 7.

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