Maybe this has been discussed here, but I was over on Discogs and noticed a new feature.

On the Artist pages there can now be a "Books," "Posters," and "Films" tab.
Those tabs show the items related to the Artist.
It's finally starting to come together.

Here is an example:

Very cool! 😎

Very observant, sharpmath! Glad you found those tabs. It's a first step, but we're very excited to see the sites come together more. We're working on improving our documentation to encourage more cross-linking between the sites, as well as improving the functionality of those tabs.
If you have any feedback for improvements or specific functions you'd like to see added there or have any other thoughts about the tabs, we'd love to hear them!

In the meantime, if you'd adding a book about an artist on Discogs, you can ensure it's linked between Bookogs and Discogs by adding the artist as a Credit using the 'About/Subject' role. Then make sure the Discogs artist page links to the Bookogs' credit page from the Sites section.
Right now the number of books (or other items) that shows up in a tab maxes out at 40, so if the artist already has a lot of books credited to them, the book you add to Bookogs might not show up on Discogs, but we're working on addressing this very soon!

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