Was just going to edit a typo I'd noticed in a submission I'd entered a while ago and was met with this error message that I cannot fathom how to get rid of: https://i.imgur.com/ALMKWli.png
Can someone tell me what exactly is wrong with this? I can check but I'm pretty sure that is how it is on the release and it has 13 numbers so I don't see why I'm still met with this error. This is the book it shows up on (I've marked it as just "ISBN" for now)

Try changing that 223 to 233?

Thanks, but it's still pretty ridiculous lol. There's nothing that suggests that's the problem, not in the wiki or anywhere, so I don't even know why that would be considered incorrect

Well the correct ISBN for that book does have 233 not 223. And ISBNs aren't just a random string but are (in the words of Wikipedia) "calculated using a specific mathematical formula and include a check digit to validate the number". So it may be that Bookogs is checking the validity of inputted ISBNs, and with 223 in it, it's actually invalid?

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