Hey folks, I made my first addition to Bookogs. Did I do this right? I'd like to work out any errors now, becuase I have other issues of this magazine to add.
The main thing I'm questioning is using the colon after the Magazine Title to list the Date, since the date isn't really officially a sub-title (right?). I thought I would include it because with no other distinguising characteristics in the title, every issue would just be titled "Stereo Review".

Welcome to Bookogs :-)

Often the cover date and/or the issue number is just entered directly after the title, see for example:

But this varies a bit by periodical, some use parentheses as well:

We have not been too stict about it, but I think it would be good if at least all the issues of the same periodical would follow the same method. There has been some talk about having the system automatically display the date and/or the issue number which would get rid of the inconsistencies.

Other suggestions:
- For the name of the magazine, you can use the "Periodical Title" credit
- You can also add artists, bands, music styles etc. as subjects by using the "About/Subject" credit

See for example:

Thanks so much for the great feedback. The only problem I can see with the first two examples are ordering issues. When viewing A-Z, they are all messed up.
I'm thinking this should be the way to properly title them so they appear in correct alphabetical order.
"Stereo Review, Volume 27, Number 06, 1971, December"
The "other suggestions" you mentioned and links were fantastic. I could really go down a rabbit hole here, eh? :)

Hello and thanks for posting your contribution.

I was wondering a bit about your use of work.
For example, is "Gwendolyn Killebrew" an article about a person of that name? If thats correct, it would be great if you also edit the work and/or credit page to make it clear. There you should add the name of the person who wrote this and add a apropriate genre like interview or review.

If i add new profiles like works, artists, etc. to the database with my contributions, i often edit them as well and provide basic informations. If i find no information on a certain name, i just tell what it is credited for. This way its easier to identify the correct one between homonymous instances.

Welcome to bookogs,
please also check the credits if they already exists, there are many variants. For example your J. S. Bach is certainly https://www.bookogs.com/credit/150613-johann-sebastian-bach

So please add Johann Sebastian Bach + ANV "J. S. Bach"

@GruenerTee - Thanks, I detailed "Gwendolyn Killebrew". Didn't know I could do that really. :)
@indy133 - Modified JS Bach, to Johann Sebastian Bach. How do I delete the old JS Bach so no one else uses it?

How do I delete the old JS Bach so no one else uses it

Change the title to "Duplicate" and delete any further content.
Best practice would be if you use the duplicate page to create another credit you use for a contribution.

Concerning periodical ordering - am I alone in wishing that the NME - https://www.bookogs.com/credit/30885-new-musical-express dates had been entered in reverse and with numbers not words (i.e. 1995-07-01 instead of 1 July 1995 for example) so that all copies would display in chronological order and not completely randomly...

They should be displayed in a chronological order if you change the display option (there's both descending and ascending):

Unfortunately the sort by date option is not "quite there" yet. In the ascending order they get sorted by the earliest date entered, so it can be a bit off:

Personally I wish periodicals were automatically sorted by cover date and/or issue number, and that the system would display them below the title instead of us having to repeat and alter that data in the title field to get things ordered correctly.

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