I am new here and recently had a problem trying to enter a book. I have 2 copies of the same title with different artwork on the rear cover, but both have the same ID Code. I found a similar item already in the database, but I noticed that neither of my books have the ISBN shown for the work and the submitter has supplied only an image of the front cover. I can safely enter the second item as the front cover is different, but how do I know that by entering the first book (apparent dupe) that I have not duplicated the prior submission? {I checked the ISBN shown for the submitted book on a web site that allows linking an ISBN to the correct book title--ISBN listed for the book gives an invalid ISBN and no title.} How can the previous submitter be contacted? The book in question is Dean Koontz's "The Door To December".

As the ISBN is just one number off (9 instead of 3), it's probably just a typo.

Based on their profile and activity, the original submitter has not been active for a while. If you want to, you can try leaving a comment on the submission history, or contact them directly through their Discogs profile: https://www.discogs.com/user/workandplay

But I think it would be equally reasonable to just go ahead and update the existing submission. You can always write in your submission notes something like "If this was meant to be a different edition, let me know. I will revert and submit my version separately." I've done this multiple times in both Bookogs and Discogs, and don't remember anyone getting upset by it.

Second what mirva said. The old isbn code, 0451-18197-9, is not a valid isbn (it was saved before we added validation) and probably a typo.

If it turns out to have been an actual duplicate it is easy to use the add one like this functionality to duplicate the submission for your new nearly identical book and then revert the old submission to its former state.

Also consider adding more images to show the isbn / barcode. I think more detailed images are probably the best way to solve cases like this.

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