I add some books for children and some of them have moving parts, flaps to be opened, or similar things. Should I add them as "pop-up books" or under "other"? Or is there a need for an additional format?

Hi Madir,
i got a similar problem with this
It's more a pull and draw book than a Pop-up book.

Maybe a solution for both our problems would be to get Genre "interactive" so it would be possible to add "interactive children's literature".

I had a look through your contributions and found this book
How thick are the pages? Maybe it's a board book. Here is a definition. By the way, i don't think theres an equivalent German term for it.

By the way, a question that just came to my mind is: Is interactive a genre or a format?

pull and draw book

Push and pull of course, i need an edit function...

Thanks for answering!

You are right, Kleines Kuller-Auto is a board book. But because of the additional ball in the middle, I think it is more than that. It's the same for many pop-up books, they are board books too but have some additional elements.

I still think it would be necessary to add a categrory for interactive books like:
Komm Nach Hause, Kleiner Hase!
Kleines Kuller-Auto
Kopf Hoch, Kleiner Fuchs!
Mein Tierspass
Pips Spielt Verstecken
Baby Einstein Word Adventure
Old Mac Donald Had A Farm

They are entered as Board Books or Pop-Up Books or Other but I still think there should be another category to group them somehow and make it easier for collectors.

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