I currently have access to a collection of old french books about botany and geology, and I taught that it will be great to add some of them in the database. In one of them, their is a sticker on the first page "Papeterie, Reliure G. Toffier Rue Gambetta, 6 Tours"; in english (Paper Mill, Binding G. Toffier...). The question is: is it correct to add a bounding credit based on a sticker? I know nothing about book publication in the 19e century in France, but I feel that the bounding could have been asked by a library, not the publisher. So, is it correct to add it in the credits, or should it go in the notes?

The book in question (with a very long title!): https://www.bookogs.com/book/633147-flore-regionale-de-toutes-les-plantes-qui-croissent-spontanement-ou-qui-sont-generalement-cultivees-en-pleine-terre-dans-les-environs-de-paris-et-les-departements-de-seine-inferieue-calvados-eure-manche-orne-maine-et-loire-ille-de-vilaine-cotes-du-nord-finistere-morbihan-loire-inferieure-vendee-deux-sevres-charente-inferieure-et-gironde-tome-i

By the way, G. Toffier had a very good glue for the sticker is still their 150 years later :)

Hmm, no option to correct some typo? In the last sentence "their" = "there".

I would add it to the credits and info to the notes (saying it was on a sticker). It can always be removed at a later if problematic.

It is possible that this is a rebound book, many old books are rebound and often stickerd by a more modern book binder, however looking at the photos, the sticker looks very very old.

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