Because i contributed another print of an anthologie, i had to create a work for it.
This happened to be quiet difficult, because i had to provide an "author". I added the series title as the author, as this seemed to be the most practical way. The work is shown on the series page.

There should be a better solution for that, though. I think the "Author" form should be turned into "Credits" and give us all the "credited for" options we have at a book contribution

There was a small discussion about this a long time ago. Usually the author of anthologies is the editor.

This is common practice, see for example:

In English, the word "author" does not exclusively mean "writer of a work", but can also mean "creator of a work". So, the author does not necessarily need to be a writer but can be an editor, an illustrator, etc.

But, since there was a small agreement on including both the writer and the editor as authors of single-writer collections, it would be useful to add Editor as a credit on Works.

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