We're on for S.P.IN for another year! This September, we're aiming for 7500 new book submissions on Bookogs. Ambitious? Yes. But doable? Also yes. The Bookogs community is a powerhouse; Last year we aimed for 4000 and you submitted 4600. Check out the leaderboard, progress on our submission target, and recently added items here.
While any and all book submissions are welcome on Bookogs, this year we're especially keen to get more music-related books added to fill out the new Book tab on Discogs Artist pages. So if you've got favorite biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, genre books, albums reviews, magazines, or other music-related books, get them into the database and climb the leaderboard.
Thanks for your help!

https://www.bookogs.com/stats ensden is really bringing it for S.P.IN. this year! Looking good, thanks to everyone for the contributions so far. Keep 'em coming!

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