Is there a way to organize the list of books i own? Couldn't find one so far.

Obviously i'm in need of 1) grouping them into a number of 'shelves' or whatever, as they are not all being kept in one same place and tracking their physical location is THE most important benefit of filling the collection anyway,

and 2) personal comments for each item, visible to me alone (and ideally browsable in the manner of tags), like for cases when a book is in 'poor condition, pages missing' or 'prone to give away'.

As i can't start another new thread… noob question #2:
Is that OK to submit images i haven't scanned myself?

If i can't scan or photograph a book myself but can find pictures of it online and confirm that they match my physical copy of the issue, would it be right to upload them? If said pictures are far from being neat (intended for entirely different purpose rather to be representing the issue in a wiki database) but still give the idea of the book's appearance and contents, are such to be used here or would it be best to go with none than such images?

Hi, at the moment I see no organized way to sort or file them. Even when you get displayed all the books from your own collection, you can't even sort it alphabetically or whatever.

I for myself flagged some books that need further work in my 'Wantlist', to have them displayed from the rest.

As my scanner isn't big enough for oversized publications, I feel free to add images from the web (without any watermark, copyright,...), but I'm going to photograph the books and change the images then.

Speaking of which, my 'Collection' page is a mess, as my collection (which would fit in four pages) is expanded to six pages with some of the books displayed triple in there.

Thanks, that's really sad that the collection is a mess.

my 'Collection' page is a mess

You're right, something really weird is going on with the collection pages, items get repeated, and some collection pages display hundreds of items.

My collection is expanded currently to 45 pages, but the last added items from page 45 start displaying already on page 23.

Obviously i'm in need of 1) grouping them into a number of 'shelves' or whatever

Same here. All we have is the list, and for me it is important to be able to organize/manage the collection (which is why this is not the only site I'm using atm). We really need more tools for that.

Is that OK to submit images i haven't scanned myself?

I would assume it's ok if done with care, as you've described, and not done as a default method but only in cases where you can't provide an image of the actual item. I've done that in a couple of cases myself, but always noted it in the submission notes.

but always noted it in the submission notes.

Thanks, that makes sense. There no submission comments for an individual image, is there? Just the main card's edit notes where all 'picture credits' should go.

The bug with items showing up multiple times should be fixed now. We are working on further changes to collections, wantlists etc, more to come soon.

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