Regarding history of changes of pages, sometimes we can't compare 1st and 2nd versions. 1st version is not present at all, and can't see diff, hence it's unknown what was changed in the 2nd version. It might be caused by renaming a page.

hey phasics, sorry you are having trouble, can you post an example of this so we can find what's causing it.

For example see my recent edit:
first it was titled "Г. Гринева", I renamed it to make it more specific "Гелла Гринёва". But 1st version how it was named originally is unavailable. Original author cannot see what was changed.

Ah, yes, unfortunately there was a bug for credits where the first version wasn't saved in the version history. We fixed this a while back but unfortunately it means that some older credits will not have this information accessible.

thanks for letting us know

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