On Filmogs, there's a text box where the submitter can input an alternate title for a film. Is there a feature like that on Bookogs? If not, could one be implemented in the future? I've got a book here that is a compilation of works by Edgar Allan Poe. One of the works is called "The Masque of the Red Death." However, in other piublications, it's also called "The Mask of the Red Death." When creating the release, I created the "Masque" title as a new work. If there was an a.k.a. text field, these two wroks could easily be linked to one another, since after all, they are the same.

Even an ANV feature, but for titles would work. I'm finding a lot of shortened versions of titles already in the database for the same works as longer titles too. An ANV feature would help link these all together.

You might be aware of this, but just in case you aren't, you can use the name variation function for works in the submission form.

See for example: https://www.bookogs.com/book/141376-basar-der-bosen-traume

We do not usually create separate pages for alternative spellings.

Note also that the main title for a work should generally be the original title, how it was first published as. In some cases, also the best known title has been used.

Alternative title field would be a good idea, but considering some books have been translated to 100+ languages, it needs some thought put into it.

I was not aware of that. That's exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you!

Thanks for pointing out the ANV field, auboisdormant.
I agree, having an Alternative Titles field on the Works page would be cool so you can see any variation in title between languages or publishings. We'll take this into consideration as an addition to the form.

Another question now. Before I was aware of the ANV field, I went ahead and created https://www.bookogs.com/work/666502-the-masque-of-the-red-death for the example above. I've now changed the work in my original submission to link back to "Mask of..." with the added ANV. Is there a way to delete "Masque of..." from the database now. I didn't see a Remove Release option like there is on Discogs. Thanks!

Is there a way to delete "Masque of..." from the database now. I didn't see a Remove Release option like there is on Discogs.

We don't have a remove or merge function, unfortunately.

You can either just "reuse" it yourself (just replace all the information), or you can delete everything and enter "Duplicate" as the title when someone else will reuse it.

It might not be the ideal solution in the long run, but it's more of a practical solution that has been working so far.

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