We have two credits and I think that we only need one.


I think that the "A Borzoi Book" credit is not needed and all those should just be Borzoi Books, because Borzoi Books is the name of the imprint, and the statement "A Borzoi Book" means that the book has been published by that imprint, not that "A Borzoi Book" is the name of the imprint.

However I would like to know what the good and wise people of Bookogs think before I risk doing anything that might be wrong!

Yes, imprint is just a tradename or label it can print anything, but it can be shared by several entites

I am not sure if you are agreeing with me or disagreeing! are you saying that there is a difference between Borzoi Books and A Borzoi Book that is real rather than interpretation? Are they different entities or brands?

They are one and the same. And there are plenty of other similar cases.

This is the same too, they've used different variations throughout the years:

I think they should be merged, often both names can be found from the same book.

For example here:
"Knopf, Borzoi Books, and the colophon are registered trademarks of Random House, Inc."

I'm fine with Borzoi Books, and can help at least by changing my own submissions.

That said, there has been some counter arguments in similar cases, to the point where I've just left both entries (and the user) continue their blissful existence in peace, hoping that some kind of solution will present itself one day. :)

anyone else before i make a start?

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