https://www.bookogs.com/credit/629729-punk is a duplicate as it was generated only 3 months ago. I will transfer the releases to the earlier Credit https://www.bookogs.com/credit/229346-punk-rock

Thanks for spotting this.

I'm glad to help (from France).

Theres also a genre for Punk.


Thre was some discussion that the music type Genres such as Punk, Blues, etc. might be discontinued in favour of the identical About/Subject Credits, but whether that ever happens is unknown.

The term "Punk" incorporates more than just musical expression so it's a wider classification than "Punk Rock".

Both terms could be used correctly and independently depending on the book.

Realistically, both terms are so close that they will be used interchangeably by most people.


If it is necessary then one option could be Punk Subculture: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punk_subculture

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