Just noticed that a many Hungarian credits list the last name (surname) first which seems standard for that country. Do these need to be changed at some point or does it depend on how they are credited in the book / magazine? ie. stick to most 'popular' version?

I think the decision was that if a Hungarian person is internationally known and there are a large number of attributions which use the standard naming convention of first name followed by the surname, then that is the way the Credit should be titled.

If the Hungarian person is generally known only in Hungary then the local naming convention of surname followed by first name is fine.

The situation can be reviewed if there are a large number of attributions which deviate from the original Credit title.

This has always been contentious topic on Discogs. Hopefully, everyone can work together harmoniously on Bookogs.

+1 for searchable "Real Name" Field

There was a small related discussion not so long ago:

The guideline talks only about Latin transliteration, but the same logic could be expanded to other language-based variations. In most cases it's English vs author's native language, but there are some more complex cases too.

FWIW, my two cents for the time being:

I don't think we should change PANs from their original form unless it causes notable usability issues. That means that for example Russian authors can stay in Cyrillic unless they are well-known outside Russia and an established Latin transliteration exists, and Hungarian names can use the lastname-firstname order if the person is not known outside Hungary. This way the PAN will be in the 'most usable' form for the main group of users that deal with the PAN, if that makes sense.

+1 for searchable "Real Name" Field

That would definitely help making the PAN less important, and reduce the need to change any PANs. So +1 from me as well.

Indexing/listing name variations could also help the situation. If there's no intention of displaying the ones that appear on books, we could have some sort of searchable "alternative name" field, similarly to what Filmogs has for Films. That also might be useful in the future if the site gets translated into different languages - the displayed PAN could be adjusted according to language.

searchable "alternative name" field

Though maybe it could be called something else, so that users don't think they should list aliases there...

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