The stripes with hardcover are listed at Bookogs or at Comigogs and the stripes with soft cover are listed at Bookogs or at Comigogs? Thank you for your answers


Do you mean comic strip? https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comic_strip

Otherwise I don't know what you mean by stripe.

stripe = bande

I believe you are referring to comic strips: Bandes dessinées.

All comic books whether they are hardcover or softcover belong on Comicogs: https://www.bookogs.com/guidelines/about

You can list the web addresses of any comics that I have been incorrectly submitted to Bookogs in this Forum topic and the staff will move them to Comicogs: https://www.bookogs.com/forum/391776-comics

thethrowback yes comic strip. If I understand correctly I put on this forum the comic strip web addresses that I listed on Bookogs and they will transfer them to Comigogs? That's it

Thanks thethrowback I just made the transfer request

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