I just removed this hype from the profile of https://www.bookogs.com/credit/682314-prince-thompson-iyamu

"Prince Thompson Iyamu enjoys writing about bold, sassy, and intelligent women and the hot, cocky, and quite typically forbidden bad boys who love and lust for them. Gripping stories, guaranteed happily ever after, and lots of heat. In the real world, he has kept plenty entertained by his erotic stories; he has a turn of phrase that switches from elegance to brutality. In a single sentence, ‘’Prince Thompson Iyamu’’ will whip the rug from underneath your feet. He’s that rare and admirable."

There used to be a rule in the Bookogs Guidelines (which still exists on Discogs as 18.2.3) that promotional wordings, or anything that could be perceived as hype is forbidden.

Conceivably, I could be in the wrong for removing this information as there is nothing in the Guidelines to support my edit.

I am not sure about the rules of this myself but I try to avoid any hype.

Yes, I agree, I have removed it once the past but i rarely see it.

Normally, I wouldn't think twice but I am fairly certain the user who added that information is actually Prince Thompson Iyamu. It would be helfpful to have this directive listed in the Guidelines.

Not sure how that disappeared from the guidelines here on Bookogs, might have happened when we changed the format. I'll look at getting that added back in today. Thanks for pointing it out


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