Hi all,

As 2020 is fast approaching, we’ve got a few changes coming up ahead of the new year that we wanted to let you know about.

Marketplace Beta coming to an end
In order to focus on improving the Discogs’ Marketplace and overall functionality, we will be turning off the individual beta marketplaces on each of the -ogs sites. Longer-term, we hope to extend the offering of the Discogs Marketplace to allow the sale of items found on Bookogs (as well as our other databases). All sellers will also be notified via email.

You can continue to place orders until December 2, after which Buy and Sell buttons will be removed from book pages. You can finalize any open orders and access your data from your Bookogs shop account until December 16. There’s no action required from you in terms of your listings or inventory, but if you’d like to check what you’ve got listed or make any changes to your inventory, you can do so here.

Bookogs Moving to Discogs Subdomain
Over the next few weeks we’ll be moving from www.bookogs.com to books.discogs.com. Everything else will remain the same - same name, same layout, same Collection and Wantlist, same data. We’ll be redirecting all the pages, so if it takes a while for your muscle memory to reset (we know it will for us), you’ll still be taken to the page you’re after.

As always, we appreciate the time and effort you put into submitting your books to Bookogs and being part of the community! We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause.

Jess and the Bookogs crew

Bit confused my this, maybe the tech heads can explain more clearly.

Bit sad that sales are coming to an end for the time being, though admittedly I only sold 3 magazines to one person. But it sounds a bit like the death knell for Bookogs sales, ie. not a priority so its been shelved for the time being. It may also affect contributions as by the looks of it some people contribute just to sell (even if some of their submissions are a bit ropey!).

Have to say i'm pretty annoyed about this - I've invested a significant amount of time into submissions on bookogs (easily 100 hours, probably alot more) with the intention of selling. Sales have been poor but I stuck with it as I saw the potential and have done well with Discogs.

I always knew at some point the beta would end but assumed that meant there would be a charge for sales (again like Discogs) it never occured to me the whole thing would be switched off!

Is there anyway to maintain inventories until such a time as the sales are reintroduced?

Yes, please, find a way to maintain inventories...
I am not going to re-list everything again.
Tired of wasting my time.
I only ever sold 1 book, but still, I was hoping for a future growth of the site.

I totally understand your frustration, we're also disappointed. However, we're confident that by focusing on the one marketplace we'll be able to deliver a much better experience that will benefit Bookogs and our sellers here in the long run.
We will be saving backups of everything, including inventories, and it's likely we'll be able to reintroduce them to the updated marketplace format without requiring manual re-listing.

We can't thank you enough for the time you've put in and for giving the Bookogs marketplace a go. We hope to offer you better marketplace functionality (and more sales!) in the not too distant future.

Is this change to make a unified shopping expreience across all ogs sites?

For example, a customer could buy a poster, a movie, a book, and vinyl in one transaction on one site, instead of different transactions across multiple sites?

If so, this would be a major improvement.

Another change that would benefit the ogs sites in the future as well, would be to have a unified credit system across all media/sites.

For me, it's very frustrating to see multiple credits across the ogs sites. For instance, each profile page for The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, etc. has a different image and different information. It would be very cool to link directly to one credit. This also would help with future ogs site, if ever implemented, such as games or toys.

Also, if there was an About/Subject credit for a music album, it could be directly linked instead of creating another credit/page for the same thing.

I understand that it could be a headache in the beginning to merge/migrate these credits, but overall would be a big win for the overall state of the database.

Hopefully, that makes sense. Anyways that's my two cents worth.

Is this change to make a unified shopping expreience across all ogs sites?

For example, a customer could buy a poster, a movie, a book, and vinyl in one transaction on one site, instead of different transactions across multiple sites?

That's the idea, however it's still a fair ways off. There's a lot of work we need to do first to get us there, but that is how we see the marketplace taking shape.

Another change that would benefit the ogs sites in the future as well, would be to have a unified credit system across all media/sites.

I understand your frustration with having the same credit on different sites, and totally agree, it would be a big plus to have a single credit for all database items. There's no immediate plan to address this - as you point out, it's a huge undertaking - but long-term I imagine that as the databases become more unified there will be a move towards this.

Thanks for your feedback!

Remember that PayPal do not allow the sales of Adult material be it books magazines or comics so combining Bookogs with Discogs would put anyone selling anything remotely Adult at risk of losing their PayPal account unless you change the payment system to bank transfer only. Many sellers have had their PayPal accounts permanently closed with no recourse.

How do you propose a seller dispatches a poster and an LP in the same parcel?

Thanks for the info regarding 'adult' magazines, might need a separate thread for this but how do Paypal know what you're selling? Plus they accept the 'adult' material on eBay (though it is admittedly very limited plus varies depending what country you're in).

It's another problem that will surface when Discogs merges with Bookogs. PayPal will find out when somebody tells them the Discogs ID of anyone selling adult material.

PayPal and their policies are not exactly crystal clear. I've read in a few places about people getting banned without knowing exactly why. When they ask Paypal why they are referred back to the policy. It's a grey area that for some reason Paypal like to keep grey.

Have a read of this https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/Selling-on-your-website/Selling-adult-material-Paypal-policies/td-p/371422

Here are their policies


Thanks for info regarding PayPal's policies around adult content, I wasn't aware of that. This is something we'll look into more closely before launching anything.

As with the comments posted by other users, it would be a huge incentive for me to add my library to the Bookogs database if I could get an idea of their value, then sell them if I wish, etc. the same as I did with Discogs.

Lacking that functionality, I have no motivation to go to the effort of putting my library on here.

I can only imagine the disappointment, frustration and anger of those who have already put their libraries in Bookogs, only to see the marketplace turned off.

It would be a great help if staff were to give us a timeline of when we can expect a new Bookogs marketplace. Then we would have a target date to begin working on our listings. This would put a rocket on new entries!

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