Some of things I find really lacking in current bookogs:

  1. Master release to gather releases like in discogs
  2. On profile page, layout could also be more like in discogs, I don't want to see all contributions there including entities and people, just the books sorted by which were uploaded latest - should be customizable
  3. (personal) lists
  4. Inbox/outbox
  5. In release page, the following would be good: separately city and country of publishing (release), and of manufacturer (printer/binder).
  6. List of people owning book should be visible, like, what if I want to inquire on details of certain release or to clear something up (collection list shouldn't be hidden by default as well).

When it comes to master releases, we have a function called Works to group up books and works:

For example the work page for Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four:

+1 for lists, and fpr more location fields. There has been some discussion about both in the past, but bringing them up again surely doesn't hurt. :)

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