What's the difference?
Specifically Ballantine Adult Fantasy. I'd think it was a series as an imprint I see listed on the title and copyright pages. Series I usually see on the 'other works' pages.

My vote goes for a series, as it has such a limited scope, and the logo is only on the cover.

For comparison, the Ballantine imprint Del Rey had a larger scope and the logo was featured more prominently on the books. Not to mention later they mention it being an imprint... :)

I would use series for this also.

I would use the role 'Publisher Series' and you can reference every book on this site: http://www.skwishmi.com/interests/baf.html

Throwback is correct, publisher series would be the best choice for this.

Of course. Just thought it was obvious from the thread title and OS question that we're talking about the Publisher Series credit.

Just to note that Lin Carter's introduction to Over the Hills and Far Away is signed as:

Lin Carter
Editorial Consultant:
The Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series

Thanks. I am also inclined toward publisher series.
I'll change the books here https://www.bookogs.com/credit/628291-adult-fantasy from 'imprint' to 'publisher series'.

I think the name should also be changed from 'Adult Fantasy' to 'Ballantine Adult Fantasy'. It didn't occur to me to look for these books under the title 'Adult Fantasy'.

That sounds like a range of products in a Sex shop.

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