hello everyone, i have discovered that it seems to be impossible to search for !!! (the band) which means that there may be many iterations of this credit here and its impossible to find them... there is one that i just duplicated which was one i added, and then i tried to redirect the credit to the !!! linked to from discogs to here, but nothing... then i tried searching in the top box, nothing...

maybe we need to rename the credit !!! (chk chk chk) and then go from there...


Yep, it is impossible. The only way I found it was https://www.bookogs.com/browse/credit‚Äč and luckliy it is the first credit alphabetically.

There is no difficulty in searching for !!! on Discogs, so I would assume the problem is with the Bookogs search facility. Maybe the staff can figure this one out.

Personally, I wouldn't change titles to compensate for the inability of the system to search for data.

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