I just added Events to the Bookogs Credit for Alan Alda: https://books.discogs.com/credit/613427-alan-alda and noticed the light bulb was showing alongside the Discogs link, which normally means that the Bookogs link has not been added to the artist's Discogs page.

I opened the Discogs page: https://www.discogs.com/artist/1177830-Alan-Alda and found that the Bookogs link had been added. I then experimented by pasting the new link address in the Discogs page and as a consequence the light bulb disappeared on his Bookogs page.

Do the staff intend running a batch update on all the old urls?

However, with the new urls the 'books' tab is missing from the Discogs page (still shows up with the old Bookogs link).

hey thethrowback and westpier. Thanks for the heads up, we will be moving those urls over in a batch update and fixing the "light bulb feature" to recognise those links as correct to. Apologies for any inconveniences in the mean time.

Great news.

Have a Merry Christmas.

The light bulb bug should now be fixed, let us know if you see any further problems with it. Thanks for your patience.

In addition, the profiles that have the new links are missing the tabs completely.

Should all the links to bookogs be changed on discogs? I mean to the new books.discogs url?

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