I noticed that a user is listing album titles as a name variation of the artist Credits with the role of About/Subject. Many Credits have been created for various albums on Bookogs, e.g. https://books.discogs.com/credit/686021-master-of-puppets-album. It is a bit confusing to click on an album title and be redirected to the artist.

What do other users think?

I can see the reasoning behind it, but I would just credit the artist and album separately.

I may have done that previously but seeing as 'album' credits are massively increasing see no point in it.

I've done other NVs but for the life of me cannot remember what they were or if they were worth discussing in this thread, sorry!

Thanks for the replies.

I see that there is a trend to add the suffix (Album) to the title of these album Credits, which I think is a great idea.

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