I have sensitive content turned on in my profile, so I'm wondering why covers of items that are marked sensitive are blurred when browsing the site?

Can you give an example of an image that has been marked as sensitive content, so I can check if I have problems viewing them. Just copy and paste the url of a book example as a reply. Thanks.

No need as I found one in your submissions: https://books.discogs.com/book/644540-bedroom-voyeur

My Safe Search is switched off and the image is displayed blurred in your submission list. However when I open the Credit there is a message stating: 'This item has been marked as sensitive, adult or nsfw. You have enabled sensitive content'. Yet the image is displayed normally, so I'm guessing there is a bug in the system. I did find that when I switched on Safe Search the Credit was totally absent from your submission list.

The staff will need to deal with this. I have posted a comment in this Forum thread: https://books.discogs.com/forum/305997-warning-bug-in-the-system

Thanks. Even when going through my collection, the covers are blurred. I really have to open the detail page of the book before the cover shows properly.

I interpreted that message incorrectly. In fact it is confirming that I can view sensitive content. If I tick Safe Search and view that Credit I get this message: 'This item has been marked as sensitive, adult or nsfw. You have disabled sensitive content (change your settings)'. The Credit image is displayed blurred.

That still leaves the question as to why the Credit image is displayed blurred in your submission list when Safe Search is not activated.

Sorry, submission list = collection

It will have teething troubles. At first I thought only books (or magazines) could be set as NSFW. But credits can as well.

My apologies, where I have stated Credit, that should read Book.

There is currently no facility for nominating sensitive content in a Credit.

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