Maybe a foolish question (from France) :
Why, when I make a research on search engines, I never have a result from bookogs or discogs ?

sorry for the 3 posts. Can you please delete 2 of 3. Thanx

What search engines are you using? I use Google and Bookogs and Discogs show up quite often when I search, or am I not understanding your question correctly?

Could it be because of language preferences?

For me at least Discogs results are a lot higher on the list when the browser language is set to English.

Bookogs results are rare for me too, even using the "" doesn't always yield results when it should.

Same comment as auboisdormant.

I use Google. Example LES INROCKUPTIBLES
Even with english language preference, it does not work.
But if I add "bookogs" it's ok.

I use Google Chrome as well.

I don't know how your searching, but if I search for 'Les Inrockuptiles Discogs' the first 5 returns I get are all for Discogs. If I search for 'Les Inrockuptiles Bookogs' the first 4 returns I get are all for Bookogs.

My language preference is set in English, I don't know if that alters the results of the search.

Obviously you need to specify Discogs or Bookogs in the search term otherwise you probably won't get what you want.

Yes it works if you add bookogs or discogs. But most of people just type one name.
And in this case (in France) we have no bookogs results :-(

I think you will need to complain to Mr Google.

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