The other day I spent some time completing Star Wars Works and I was struck by the inconsistency of how the titles are being formatted.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... the trend was to use only the book title, e.g. Jedi Search

Then some users started including the Series as a prefix to the book title, e.g. Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire

A more recent development has been the addition of Star Wars as a prefix to the Series followed by the book title, e.g. Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi - Vortex

I would think that adding these prefixes to the book title is going to lead to Works duplications. My experience on Goodreads is they just list the book title: and ditto with

I think it would be helpful to settle on one system.

I am one of the supporters of adding prefixes to the Works because I think it homogenises all Star Wars Works. One argument is that the work title, without the prefix may also lead to duplicates e.g. Star Wars Apocalypse and D. H. Lawrence's Apocalypse

However, I want to fix this inconsistency as much as you do, so as long as we find a common ground, I'm ready to apply and to follow the decision taken.

Moreover, the question may be extended to series related to Star Wars. Since they are not works per se can we keep one (or even the two) prefixe(s)?


so as long as we find a common ground, I'm ready to apply and to follow the decision taken

Same here, I have no particular preference, I simply want to see a consistent method.

The majority of the Series credits have been formatted as Star Wars: XXXX and I think that is a good idea. My aim is to list all of the Series on the Star Wars Credit page with hyperlinks.

Have a look at the Star Wars Legend credit, I put in the profile most of the Legend series I was able to find...
you can copy/paste them in the Star Wars credit page if you deem them accurate !

My own method has been to use just the book title (for example "Jedi Search") unless there has been official proof from the time of the publication that tells otherwise. The inconsistency doesn't really bother me - the publishers have not been consistent either.

Just to point out that there are actually some books that have the series presented as a part of the title.

For example Star Wars: Legacy of The Force: Betrayal is called that on the copyright page of the first edition. The cover of Exile also shows the same title in the "New York Times bestselling author..." part.

I know the discussion is about Work titles, but as I've understood the Work title should be derived from the publications.

I'm not trying to bulldoze an agenda, so I have found as close to possible the first editions on Goodreads and

Worldcat has formatted the title as 'Star wars : legacy of the force : betrayal'.

The problem with an ad hoc approach on Bookogs is the risk of creating duplicates.

Worldcat has formatted the title as 'Star wars : legacy of the force : betrayal'.

Here is the first edition copyright page:

The same wording is used on the paperback copy I submitted, and many other editions, so it's not just a one-off thing.

I just wanted to point out that there is actually a valid argument to enter the series name in the Work title, at least in some cases. And that if you want to format all the Star Wars Work titles in the same manner, you might have to deviate from what is actually printed on the books.

I don't like entering anything extra into the title field either, ideally it should be for the title and possibly the subtitle, and nothing else.

This is why I've opted for just the title in most cases. I've only included the series when there's proof of it being part of the title.

While my opinion is that the Star Wars Work titles don't necessarily need to be formatted the same way, it doesn't mean I'm opposed to other ideas, just that I prefer them less. No solution will affect my life, so I'm more than willing to go with whatever solution the community prefers.

The problem with Bookogs is the risk of creating duplicates.

I've fixed it for you.

The problem exists both ways. Imagine if someone takes the title from the book and enters that into the Work field. The correct Work is sometimes really hard to find via the submission form, the fields are not partically smart, all you need is one character/mark/space difference.

Just as an exercise, edit book/452068. You will note that book/133518 is not proffered as a possible duplicate:

Neither is #452062, and the title is identical on that. If you click the "And 1 More...", both are on the list.

Agathusia feel free to organize the Star Wars database as you see fit. You have my blessing.

Well thanks!
I'll try to be consistent.
Do not hesitate to notify me if you change your mind

Would you mind outlining your method here? That way others can contribute correctly as well, and it's not some secret formula that just one person knows. :-)

Of course.
I've titled the books according to the following: "Star Wars: NAME OF THE SERIES - TITLE OF THE BOOK"
I know that hyphens are not usually used but I - personally - don't like two consecutive colons.

For the series, likewise, Star Wars: NAME OF THE SERIES

Hope that's clear enough !


Merci ! :)

I don't know about the hyphen, but maybe a native English-speaker can confirm whether it's ok or not.

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