Is Prog Rock really progressive anymore? How do the current Prog bands feel about the genre and its legacy?

Different Prog artists/bands are being interviewed and answer 5 questions about the current status of the Progressive Rock and its culture.

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The participating Prog artists/bands that are being interviewed: Aisles, Anubis, Ant-Bee, EchoTest, Evership, Karakorum, Kotebel, Life After Mars, Light Freedom Revival, Lars Eric Mattson, Liquid Orbit, Magenta, Mouth, Process of Illumination, RTFACT, Robert Berry, Seven Impale, Soul Enema, Sproingg, Terra Collective, Time King, Wobbler, Yang.

The name sticks but it can't be progressive once its time has been and gone, same with all forms of music. Unless you widen what is considered progressive, which was a word floated around Radiohead for a while.

However, reading the list of bands involved I've haven't heard of a single one, but not really a fan of the genre. So maybe they are widening the horizons of the 'progressive' genre, i just haven't heard it.

Dear westpier,

Thanks for the comment on my post.

I am considering that Progressive is still here and not gone, however there are recent or obscure bands who are mainly in this culture. I interviewed 23 of those bands in the book that are still active playing Prog music.

I agree with you that everybody is called Prog nowadays just for playing atmospheric or virtuosic music. I comment on this on phenomenon during the the Prologue of the book and of course criticise this negative trend. I am trying to widen what is considered progressive by asking these 23 bands, only the musicians can sincerely answer this question.

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