I found this Forum thread: https://books.discogs.com/forum/496090-newspapers

falsepriest​ commented: We've discussed this and have decided we want to stay focused primarily on books, so we won't be adding any extra functionalities for cataloging newspapers for now

Yet the Guidelines state:

"Publications such as paperbacks, magazines, ebooks, fanzines, journals, and many others are allowed. This is a list of publications Bookogs will not try to categorize:

Comics (use Comicogs instead!)
Sticker Albums
Phone Books
User's Manuals"

I am raising this subject as these have just been submitted:

Maybe the Guidelines need a tweak.

Didn't know about that list as I've added catalogs (one collectable, the others only of interest to anoraks). Plus 'catalog' is one of the genre's.

So is it a 'no' to these and newspapers? I expect there will be many grey areas.

I have a vague recollection that there was a Forum dicussion ages ago and a number of users decided that catalogs can be submitted. My memory is not that good, but I know some catalogs have been submitted, e.g.: https://books.discogs.com/book/663143-ikea-2019-singapore and https://books.discogs.com/book/663121-ikea-2011-singapore

Maybe not. I searched "catalogs" using https://www.google.com/search?q=searchterm+site:https://www.bookogs.com/forum (where you replace searchterm with the phrase) and I couldn't find a Forum discussion that resembled my vague recollection. It must have been a dream I had instead.

Here's a very old discussion about catalogs: https://books.discogs.com/forum/1310-adding-old-catalogs

The manual discussions are probably relevant too:

I agree that the guidelines could use some revising, examples and details. When it's told that catalogs are forbidden but then the genre list has Catalog, Exhibition Catalog and Auction Catalog, it's probably a little confusing.

I expect there will be many grey areas.

I expect so too, and that's why we have the genres. Some catalogs are acceptable, some are not. I'm just not sure where the line goes...

I thought the Catalog in gerne list is used for catalogs for collectors (stamps, records, figures,...). They usually have an ISBN number and are sold to the public.

Adding things like an Ikea catalog doesn't make sense to me. If you add an Ikea catalog you can also add pizza delivery flyers, it's basically the same thing.

Adding things like an Ikea catalog doesn't make sense to me.

Personally I agree with you, but there's actually a market for Ikea catalogs, especially vintage ones. I'd like to keep them out but if someone really wants them here, I might run out of valid arguments if similar catalogs on other fields are allowed.

I've also had a handful of book/comic publisher catalogs (meant for distributors and stores) that could be of interest and/or use here, but not sure if that's enough of a reason to catalog them.

The gotcha with newspapers of course is that they have magazine supplements so we can't avoid mentioning them entirely. There's also a big grey area when it comes to something like the New Musical Express which is in the format of a tabloid newspaper. So yeah, I think "Broadsheet Newspaper" and "Tabloid Newspaper" would be more accurate descriptions than "Bedsheet Magazine" for some items.

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