Should I list caricature books in Bookogs or Comicogs ?

I wondering the same thing. I hope someone knows the answer.

Since cartoons belong to Bookogs, caricatures probably do too.

I still can't work this out. Maybe this might help (it doesn't help me):

I just wish the two sites could be merged!

That Wiki article states:

"Any book with some illustrations or pictures in it would belong in Bookogs. Following the same logic for any books that have snippets of comics in them, they would also belong in Bookogs."

The determination is dependent on what users interpret to be "some". Surely that is highly subjective.

The only reference in the Guidelines is this :

"This is a list of publications Bookogs will not try to categorize:
Comics (use Comicogs instead!)"

No wonder people are confused.

Cartoons and caricatures are usually one-panel illustrations, while comics have multiple panels. If I remember correctly it was decided a long ago that cartoons belong here.

I've used a 50% rule. If more than a half of the book is comics, I won't submit it.

Thanks for that explanation.

To the staff:
It might be helpful if that sort of information was listed in the Guidelines (here and on Comicogs), so that users can make an informed judgement. I'm sure most users would not be aware of the Bookogs Wiki article.

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