And If not - where is the best place to sell books internationally? Thank you! MD

Up until October of last year there was a beta marketplace running on this site. I assume the plan is to reopen the marketplace again, but I have no idea what the timeframe is for that development. Maybe the staff can elaborate.

There are various online marketplaces that sell books internationally: eBay, AbeBooks, Amazon are a few that come to mind.

Ebay - international reach, you can choose bidding or set price and also vary the shipping fees.

Amazon - is ok but awful set shipping prices. Also if you put your book in at a lower price than other sellers they all follow suit and lower their price to 1p below your price! Useful if you are selling 'adult' books that eBay won' accept.

Never tried AbeBooks

It would be a huge incentive for me to add my library to the Bookogs database if I could get an idea of their value, then sell them, etc. the same as I did with Discogs.

Lacking that functionality, I have no motivation to go to the effort.

I agree!

I've got thousands of books and magazines I could add here but without the option to sell them, I lack the motivation.

Lol, maybe some people need to start saying 'I PROMiSE i will contribute once there's a market', otherwise who can be sure.

Hopefully the market place will open again, I understand that is the intention, but who knows?

Can we get a flag option on comments because the lack of marketplace is causing people to link external auctions in comments -

I just noticed the same thing:

I would think it is a breach of the Guidelines: "We don't accept links to review pages, email addresses, shops or online stores, poor quality fan pages, or pages that are not directly accessible (e.g. require a log in or payment to view)."

I have filed an SR so the staff are aware of this matter.

That guideline seems to refer to the "Links" area, there's no such thing mentioned regarding comments.

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