I would like to create my own lists to clasificate my books according to my own criteria like we do on discogs. For example I have a lot of books of Biology and I would like to order them about subjects: Ornitology, Malacology, Genetics, Entomology, Biochemistry... Greetings

Though a regular on Discogs I've never been involved with keeping lists so am unsure what is involved.

Some, though not all of those, are included in the 'genres', which are very slow to be updated. Would it require something different?

Yeah it would require personal tags. (Or personal 'shelves' to put books on.)

I think the collection feature on bookogs is still a little underdeveloped.
Would love to have things like:

  • personal tags or a folder system
  • csv export like on Discogs
  • columns with read and in collection so you can check what you havnt read yet
  • personal comment
  • even more customizable columns like author, format, etc

I know its a lot i demand, but if bookogs should grow there has to be some more the user gets for participating here.

I agree with that list, and the request to have more and better collection tools wholeheartedly. While the database needs some improvements as well, I think without better collection tools very few collectors will be interested in the site.

Just out of curiosity, is someone actually using Bookogs as the primary tool to maintain their collection?

i am, but i don't have many requirements!

just out of curiosity, is someone actually using Bookogs as the primary tool to maintain their collection?

My brain is my primary tool and bookogs is kind of a public backup, revealing interesting new informations about my books.

There are many things to improve in this database but meanwhile I miss some elementary features, for example a search engine in our collection. For example I want to see how many books by Jules Verne I have for seeing if I added or not the books to my collection.

AaromGustinmondir I agree that facility would be helpful and it needs to be implemented at some stage.

A couple of low tech soultions could be to take a screenshot of the Works: https://books.discogs.com/credit/19947-jules-verne?type=work​ and print them off and then cross off the books you have submitted.

You could use the Wikipedia bibliography: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jules_Verne_bibliography​ and print this and cross off the books you have submitted.

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