Hello! While creating the book https://books.discogs.com/book/749019-prince I created a new Work called "Prince" as mine was the second version in the database: https://books.discogs.com/work/749020-prince. However when I tried to add the Work to the other version https://books.discogs.com/book/544534-prince "Prince" did not come up in the list of Works I could choose from, only 11 were listed and they all had "prince" in the title, such as Prince Caspian, Prince Lestat, Prince Sneeze; but no "Prince". Is there a strict search function I am missing or a way to choose from more than 11 Works, or include the author in my search criteria?

Same problem here. Newly created credits or works doesn't appear in the submission field. I waited half an hour, didn't help.

I have the same problem too, also new books/credits/ works I have submitted today are not showing up on my home page although they do everywhere else.

I just added a book and a work for author https://books.discogs.com/credit/39979-eric-newby
but they do not show up on his page.

Looks like a bug in the system, just added https://books.discogs.com/book/749085-reasons-to-be-cheerful-from-punk-to-new-labour-though-the-eyes-of-a-dedicated-troublemaker

but not showing up under any of the credits.

I don't want to alarm anyone, but the last time this happened quite a bit of data was lost.

I would be cautious about conducting large scale edits until the staff respond, or it is clear the problem has rectified itself.

Are you sure the works / credits that don't show up are not in 'draft' status?

Funnily enough I was sure I had already added the Mark Steel book ages ago (could be wrong).

No drafts show up on my home page, The books I have added do show in the database but cant be found under search or show up on the authors page, or my home page.


Everything seems to be back to normal.

Yeah, all looks good now.

Got it now, thanks!

I wish you weren't so prolific Supernaut1970, as it took me ages to find A Short Walk from Harrods in your submissions. Thank goodness it begins with 'A'.

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