when i try to upload an image and save the changes , a pink pop-up pops out from GOD only knows where, implying directly to "the blah does not match or does not follow what is expected"!?!? how do i bypass this stupid demand ?

I can't help you as I have never seen that happen. Just check if it is still happening, if not it might have been a temporary glitch.

If you are still experiencing problems, then you might have to submit a Support Request as it sounds like a technical issue. To do this click on 'Help & Support' at the bottom of any page. Then you will have to Sign In and then click on 'Submit a request' which is located on the top right hand corner. It could be helpful to the staff if you take a screen shot of the error message and add it as a file.

it says exactly this and i quote "the string did not match the expected pattern" end quote. doesn't make any sense. could it be because this place is SO WAAAAAACKKK ?

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