Dust Cover:
Lots of hardcover books have them and it would be good to list as a secondary format.

Deckled pages:
These are pages that have a 'rough cut' edge. They can appear on hardcover and softcover books

Spiral Bound
A secondary format for soft covers

Staple Bound
A secondary format for soft covers, usually for smaller quantity pages

There are many others but these are some I have in my mind at this time. Again, these are just suggestions that I think would be helpful.

Dust Cover:
Lots of hardcover books have them and it would be good to list as a secondary format.

Also sometimes there are two different versions, one with dust jacket and one where it's printed directly on the cover. I mean it's definitely something worth noting at least in the Notes.

dust jackets are super important to collectors so +1 from me...

altho a whole lot of books ive acquired second hand i have no idea if they originally had a Dust Jacket... i guess we cross that bridge when we come to it!!

oh and id def be +1ing Dust Jacket.. seems to be the common parlance.. does the term change regionally?

lol about to learn tons of stuff here i dont know as a reader accumulator non-serious collector :D

Thanks for the input.

Also, regarding my spiral bound note above, I've seen hard cover spiral bound books as well.

Don't want to forget this thread.

yeh ive got a few spiral bound hard cover books of fonts & typography :)

i guess we should toss cloth-bound in there & even leather-bound for when its time to get gangster

hmmm... perhaps we should have a new thread for it, but i think maybe dimensions would be a good field for format... might be redundant.. might help people differentiate editions & printings.. i dunno!!

For a number of years, I sold thousands of used books at Amazon. When I came across a book that did not have an Amazon page, entering the dimensions of height, width and depth were options among all the other details. They shouldn't be mandatory but I certainly don't see how they would hurt either.

the following is a thought in progress

Primary Physical Formats:
Hardback (current)
Paperback (current)
Audiobook (current)
Magazine (current)
Chapbook (current)
Journal (current)
Cloth Bound (desired)
Leather Bound (desired)

Secondary Physical Formats (this would require a new field:
Spiral Bound (desired)
Staple Bound (desired)
Binder (i.e. 3 ring) (desired)

Free Text Field?:

Library Edition would be good too. Lots of kids book have a better bound version specifically for libraries.

"Library Edition would be good too."

As a Secondary Format, right? I agree, I have so many library editions floating around the house.

It looks like the secondary formats have a lot to do with the binding. Maybe it should be a field called Binding?

For the time being, I've been putting edition information in the Notes field.

Large Print would be good to add

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