Please add:

Visual Editor


Also, please:

Technical Editor
For the Publisher

I've added the first three. Could you give me an example of how the last one would be used?

  • Design Assistant

I've added Design Assistant.

  • Production Manager

If possible, please add "Foreword by"

+1 for "Foreword by"

also just ran into "Marketing"

+1 for "Production Manager"... or just "Production" as well.. ran into a "Production" credit..

also just ran into "Frontispiece and photo on front cover courtesy of"..... no idea how to handle that..

I've added Production Manager, Foreword by, Marketing, Author photo and Cover photo. For your example, transmutation, I'd probably enter that person's name for Cover photo and then maybe make a note in the Notes field about the frontispiece.

"For the Publisher" is the person that represents the publishing company. I guess "Representative" would work if "For the Publisher" sounds clunky.

Also, I know we already have a series and that it's basically the same thing, but it would be nice to see "Library" - series of books are usually referred to like this, I think

nice one seburns.. will do & thank you!!

i could use a plain old "Typeset"

I'm requesting the addition of "Contributor"

I've added Typeset and Contributor.

@Yukabacera - I'm reluctant to add 'Library' as a synonym for 'Series' since we're trying to be consistent across databases for things like that. I feel that 'Series' conveys the meaning while also remaining consistent with the other sites like Discogs, Comicogs and Filmogs.

I do think that "For the Publisher" sounds a bit clunky. Could you post a link to the book where you need to add the credit for the publisher's representative?

Some magazine related suggestions:

Art Director
Articles Editor
Features Editor
Copy Editor
Photo Editor
Production Director
Business Director
Subscription Director
Financial Director
Promotion Director
Compiled By
Lithographed By
Review By

Also is it ok to enter the publisher (the high-ranking magazine person) and the publishing company both as "Publisher"?

Roving Editor as well. The Reader's Digest I added had a ton of them

Read By for audio books please

Producer as well

From MOJO Magazine:

Deputy Editor, Art Editor, Reviews Editor, Associate Editor Production, Deputy Art Editor, Associate Editor (News), Picture Editor, Editorial Assistant, Online Assistant Editor, Contributing Editor

TBH a little foresight here, I personally wouldn't add all these credits - as most of them are just "Editor" with the area tacked on the end. Can we have a descriptor field added? i.e.

Name = Mark Wagstaff
Role = Editor
Descriptor = Art Editor


Also, Researcher please.

Photography annual -

Production Manager, Production, Art Direction, Printing Director, Controller, Administration Assistants

Compiled By, Text Editor, Series Editor

Consultant, Published in/by Arrangement with...


Afterword by
Revised by

I've added most of these requested roles, except where I felt like a current role would suffice, as with Associate Editor (News) or Online Assistant Editor. Since we already have Associate Editor and Assistant Editor, I'm not inclined to add those. I've also combined things where I could, like Art Editor/Director.


Still missing a few credits for this release:

Production Manager
Printing Director
Admin Assistants

Sorry I missed Production and Administrative Assistant. I've added those. Production Manager and Printing Director are already there, just on the lower half of the list, which has more to do with printing credits.

Index of People - how to list it

Another strange role Editorial Care, or Editor Care - I guess it is not Editor in chief?

Another help needed
In book I'm adding there's credit adiustacja - google translating it as Adjustment, Revision
And also Korekta (Correction) is translated as revision, what is different in those 2 roles?

Hey Gizmex, welcome to the site! Nice to have your contributions here.

Regarding your "Revision" comments, I think both would fit nicely under "Revised By".

I'd also like to request Managing Editor

Hey Adambassador - thanks for help!
Copyright Holder for ..... translation needed

Media Development Manager
Project Coordinator
Graphics By

Few thoughts about credits. I think they should be splitted for better look.
1. Main author, or editor if multiple authors
2nd part other credits
3rd part publisher, or publishers
4th other companies, print factories, or whatever
I gues editing authors/companies, anvs is in development mode

Editorial Director

Isn't it the same as Editor in Chief?

Creative Director
Also I found "reproduced and completed" and chose "Production" but maybe reproduction? In original french it was "reproduit et achevé"

Isn't it the same as Editor in Chief?
I have no clue. At least in Huffington Post they have both:

Also "Iconograph" - I have now at least two books with this credit.

There's also General Editor in credits

I've added the most recent suggestions. Please let me know if I've missed anything.

Hi oggers! Newbe here but discogs user.
Two in Spanish:
Editor del Proyecto (Proyect Editor)
Coordinación Editorial (Editorial Coordination)

In this book:
Reprinted with revisions, March 3013 ----- Printed 3013-03-00
not sure if it's ok...

By the way, what about linking companies and artists? We could scan cover book and so we could pick publisher logo and contact info.
Same with artist just to avoid repeating artist names.

In this book.
"Published by The New American Library, Inc.
in association with The World Publishing Company"
How to add "The World Publishing Company"? I entered like this:
Publisher - The New American Library, Imc.

Add 'The World Publishing Company' as a second publisher

I just found a book with an "advised by" credit. (Edited by x, advised by y.)

It would be great if we could get an "other" credit role for anything that doesn't clearly fit the roles in the drop-down list. Even better would be if we could add more specificity to the preset roles with brackets the way we can on discogs.

Brackets is a great idea IMO tohse 'editor' are ot much
anyway Advised I'd use consultant credit maybe

Yes, consultant is close enough. Thanks Gizmex.

Hopefully brackets and other discogs functions will be coming soon.

In my book I read:
Director: [artist name], I found "Bussiness Director, etc" but, only "Director" as tag??
Same book I read:
Maquetación y filmación (Layout and filming): [Company name] and I took "Typeset by", not sure if it's ok

emilianito1972 - I've adjusted Project Coordinator to be Project Editor/Coordinator and I actually think that might work for both Project Editor and Editorial Coordination. I've also added just 'Director'. For Layout and Filming, could you perhaps use the separate Layout and Photography roles?

reapermadness - I've added an Other role at the very bottom. If nothing else, it can be used as a placeholder until you request that a role be added here.

seburns (and others) - what to do about credits like Jacket Design or Jacket Photograph? Is it acceptable to use the credits for Cover Design (etc.) or is it worth adding new credit roles specifically for the jacket?

So far I have come across Jacket Design and front and rear variations of Jacket Photograph.


I've been using Cover Design for that.

Photosetting (Fotomecánica) as credit role

"Photosetting (Fotomecánica) as credit role"

I wonder if this doesn't fit under "Photo/Picture Editor"

Here are a few I have seen.

Publishing Director [I have used Director]
Series Designer [I have used Designer]
Volume Designer [I have used Designer]
Junior Designer [I have used Designer]
Image Manager [I have used Other]
Reprographics [I have used Other]
Assets [I have used Other]

Ok, guys how to solve this.
Often we can find a compilation of novels from various artist compiled by .... artist.
This compiler is called Editor, but this is not typical text editor whos name we can find on the 2nd or 3rd page in the book. Usualy other editors names can be found also in these books.
Of course when I'll use editor credit for Lee child, he will be as main artis & it's correct. But using editor credit for other editor ;) inside will make that this book is going to have 2 main artists editors
We can use Author credit, but Lee Child isn't author of this book.
compiled by - will not give him position of main artist.
how to solve it in the best possible way?

....but this is not typical text editor whos name we can find.... --> delete 'text' word

More credits:
Story by
Calligraphy by
Text by

I've added the following credit roles: Printing/Publishing Director (in second section of list), Series Designer, Volume Designer, Junior Designer, Assets, Image Manager, Story by, Calligraphy by, Text by and Reprographics.

@Gizmex: For something like the Best American X (Short Stories, Poetry, Mystery Stories, Essays, etc.), there is a Series Editor and an Editor for the edition, both of which can be entered with credit roles already in the list.

It's interesting that Amazon incorrectly identifies Lee Child as the author, but he can be listed as Editor here. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

I just found a new one, not sure if it needs added or not.

"Enlarged by"

For now, the two individuals credited that way, I've chosen "Other".

I've added Englarged by. I don't see a reason why we shouldn't add it. I don't see another credit role that could apply to that.

Thanks! However, it's mis-spelled. I'll change the credits once that is fixed.

Heh. Sorry. Thanks for catching that. Apparently it's a mental block since I also misspelled it above. I've fixed it.

Executive Editor = Editor in Chief?

Yes, I would say those are equivalent titles.

What should be used for "Chief Planner"?

Maybe Project Editor/Coordinator?

Production Manager

Production manager already is, but in the lower part of credits

ups sorry it was answer to previous posts, right?

New credit: "Interview"

Need advice
Possible I'm using wrong credit.
Korekta, very often credit in polish books. Translated --> correction, I guess it's text correction.
And question. Credit should be Proofreading? Or Revised by? Or both are correct?
Google is translating also to both revision & proofreading.

Lyrics By


Used mainly for dictionaries

Music Autography or Musical Autography

Btw, regarding the Lyrics By credit - it's an art/photography book, where the content is created by several people: - the content is a mix of stories, lyrics and photographs.

The Music Autography credit I found from the following book:

I've added Paper (in the lower production credits area), Lyrics by, Lexicographer, and Musical Autography.

Editorial Coordination
Devised By

I've added these two.

Layout Design


Commentary By

"Interviewer" or "Interview By" would be useful.

I've added these two credit roles.

In my book Corrector Ortográfico (Spell Checking)
Documentación (Documentation)

Fotocomposicíón (phototypesetting) ?!?
Ingeniería de papel (Paper Engineering) ?!? It's a pop-up book
in this book:

Arte (Artwork)

Text Design?

I've added Corrector, Spell Checking, Documentation and Text Design. For Artwork could you use Artist?

"Distributed by" or "Distributor"

"Distribuidor exclusivo para España - Comercial SM - Ediciones Cesma.S.A."

I found Series Director (Colección dirigida por: María Brey Mariño) Can I tag it with Series Editor? or better adding a new credit role "Series Director"?

Annotated By

In my book: "Diseño de la sobrecubierta" (Jacket Design)

@emilianito1972 - Distributed by is already a credit role. You can find it in the second section of the credit roles with Publisher, etc. I've altered Series Editor to Series Editor/Director. I've also altered Cover Design by to Cover/Jacket Design by.

@mirva - I've added Annotated by.

Thanks! :)

for the licensed edition we need "licensed from "and licensed to"

I've added "Licensed from/to" in the lower section.

thx, but these two have to be split, "licensed to" for the licensee and "licensed from" for the company that gives the license to the licensee. Licensed by could be both (at least in discogs) so I its ambiguity only leads to problems...

Okay, I've separated them.


I had one book that had "Typography By" is this the same as Typesetting?

So, after a little internet reading, I've added 'Typography by'. Apparently, they began very different processes that are growing closer together due to digital technology. Since we're hoping to add old and new books, it seems reasonable to have both.


Final editor or final editing

coloured by / colourized by

Paper has to specified. sometimes it's the brand or paper sort, and sometimes a company/the provider.

Please could you add a Back (or rear) cover photo credit?

I don't thing we need this. We need the brackets for specifying the credits. Photography [front] or everywhere else.....

I've added Final Editor and Colored/Colorized by.

@indy133 - Do you want that credit role to just be 'Paper'?

I found: "Traducción cedida por: XXXX, S.A." (Translation ceded/yielded by: XXXX, S.A.) in

@emilianito1972 - I'm not sure if that is materially different from Translated by. At first glance, they seem to mean the same thing.

@seburns, translation was done by this person and seems that an older publisher "La Gaya Ciencia, S A." yielded its previous translation to, the copyright holder of this edition.

@indy133 - Do you want that credit role to just be 'Paper'?

What I meant. If Paper just means the kind of paper that was used, then we need another field: Paper made by. There are sometimes credits for the manufacturing company

In this book
Actividades didácticas (Educational activities): Rosa Salvía
Diagramación (Diagramming? /Diagrams??): Teresa Roca

It's a childrens's book with different short stories and activities a the end of each story(like schoolwork)

Maybe use Graphics for first. And when we have brackets add [diagrams] to graphics....

I've added Educational Activities by and Diagrams by.


Presenter or Presents would be fine

Picture Research or Picture Researcher

When entering info about copyrights I noticed most of them are related with an activity, I mean:
Copyright holder of text
Copyright holder of illustrations
Copyright holder of comments and notes
Copyright holder of translation
I'd like some kind of relationship between the copyright holder and its function, The copyright holder of text related to the author, the copyright holder of illustrations related with the illustrator, etc.

@ seaburns Sorry but Now I have found "Diagramación" as sinonymus of "Layout"
"...La maquetación, también llamada a veces diagramación.." ("...Layout also known as diagramming...")
And here:
"Getting your book has an impeccable presentation and provide a pleasant reading it should be diagrammed in the best way. That work is done by layout artists. They are responsible for choosing the best source for titles and text (size) of separate syllables, to create an index (if necessary), to adjust the margins and pages should be left blank, insert the numbers and all that work that we sometimes cumbersome and takes away time"

Literary Script (Guión literatio)

I've added all of the above. Please let me know if I've missed anything.

@emilianito1972 - I don't think it will hurt to leave Diagrammed by in the form.

@seburns thanks again

ghostwriter plese

Selected by


I've added these and alphabetized the second section of the credits, as was requested in another forum thread.

based on an idea by

Apéndice (Appendix, annex)

Not sure if these all should be added or not, I'm just listing all the ones that don't have an exact match on the list... choice is yours.

Chairman of the Board
Corporate Editor
Group Vice President, Books
Vice President, Books

Director of Design / Design Director
Director of Editorial Resources
Acting Text Director / Text Director
Editorial Board
Director of Photography
Director of Research

Chief of Research
Chief Sub-editor
Executive Vice President
Senior Vice President
Vice President
Director of Production Services

Series Director
Series Secretary
Assistant Designer
Copy Chief
Editorial Operations
Quality Control

Chief Series Consultant

Okay, I've just added all of these (except Production which was already there in the lower section). At this point, I'll just add whatever credit roles are needed in the hopes that we can come up with a less bulky system at a later date that will allow users to do some specification on their own.

well, yes, that's very important indeed. Especially when you're thinking of all the different role/credit names in the different languages...

culinary recipe/s or cooking recipe or recipe

Location Research
Publishing Director

Notes By

@LogainTB you already have "Annotated By"

I've added Recipes by, Location Research, and Publishing Director.

Executive editor or would another role suffice?

@emilianito1972 Didn't see it.

I found "Production Manager" in an US magazine, then I used "Managing Editor" as role but not sure.

I think "Set By" needs to be added, it currently has "Set And Printed By" but I have a book that was "Set" by one company but "Printed" by someone else.

"typset" is listed

typeset of course...

Is 'typeset' and 'set by' the same then?


Please, best fit for: "Dirección de Producción" (Production Director)

@emilianito1972 - There's a Production Director/Manager role in the lower section of the credit roles list.

Associate Managing Editor

Also the same book has a credit "Technology Wizards", but I'm not sure what their role is, and what would be the best credit for them.

I've added Associate Managing Editor, Permissions, Promotion, Development, and Technology. For the last one, I figured Technology would get more use than Technology Wizards, cuteness aside.

Thanks! :)

There's also a need a design copyright, maybe
Copyright Holder (Design) or
Copyright Holder (Cover/Jacket Design) ?

Also wouldn't it be a good idea to match the Copyright credits in the Date section and the Copyright Holder credits in the Credits? We currently have just one Copyright credit in the Date section while we have five different ones in the Credits.

| Copyright Holder (Design) |
Agree, i have found it in different books too.

| to match the Copyright |
I suggented something like that a few weeks ago but no luck...

I suggested something like that a few weeks ago but no luck...

Yeah, I think the forum is a bit scattered at the moment, and a lot of suggestions get kinda lost. But hopefully the most important go through. :)

From a songbook:

Transcribed By
Arranged By

Manufacturing By

I've added Copyright by (Cover/Jacket Design), Transcribed by, Arranged by and Manufacturing by.

I also want to note that I am tracking feature requests and they are not getting lost or overlooked. Right now, the Devs are working to improve search and to provide me and other admins with the ability to play with the submission form in a sandbox that will allow us to experiment with new fields without having issues with the live form. Once the sandbox is ready, I will be working closely with Nik to improve the submission form. Until that time, please continue to offer these kinds of suggestions and I will continue to document them. Thanks!

Thanks - and I'm glad to hear that you're tracking things, and planning things. :-) I've just noticed that everyone is just throwing around ideas in random threads, and at least personally it has been difficult to remember what has been discussed and where...

In my book I can read: "Traducción cedida por Maeva Ediciones" (Translation yielded / courtesy by Maeva Ediciones)
How can I enter this company: ·Maeva Ediciones"?
Thank you

@emilianito1972 - It seems like that would be Translated by, which is already in the list.

Conceived by

Also I have a problem with a main artist. The main artist of the book seems to be the general editor, but the book also has two companies credited as editors ('edited by'). So, if I credit the companies accordingly, the system sets them as the main artist and not the general editor. Any idea how to solve this?

Thank you @seburns, I guess it would be very daring ask for something like "Translation Given / Yielded By" as the company that gives the translation to other company for publishing... not in this early version of the db

@mirva, have you submitted that book yet? If so can you post the link. thanks

yy How long there's Corrector on credit list????? Don't tell me that since the beginning :O

About aouthors, we should have possibility to creat manualy main author , sometimes it can be eidtor, sometimes compiler....
for example here main author should be Harlan Coben, there's other person credited as editor in this book, but even if name is the same his role is slight different - here IMO compiler should be main artist

@mirva, have you submitted that book yet? If so can you post the link. thanks

Yes. It's this:

I've uploaded all the relevant images, the "conceived, edited, and produced by" credit is on the last page in the acknowledgments.

There are two names on the spine, but it's not indicated what the role of Iain Zaczek is. He has a short bio on the back flap, which says where he lives and that he has written more than forty books. But even if he was the (co-?)writer of the book, David G. Wilkins' name is more prominent, and the publisher's website gives him as the main artist as well:

The LoC data is as follows:
Wilkins, David G.
The Collins big book of art / by David G. Wilkins and Iain Zaczek.

we should have possibility to create manually main author , sometimes it can be editor, sometimes compiler....

Looks like it.

Editor for Special Projects
Editor of Publications
Project Director

Sorry for the delay. I've added Editor for Special Projects and Editor of Publications. I've adjusted Project Editor/Coordinator to be Project Editor/Coordinator/Director.

Producer/Executive Producer

Sorry, seem to have missed the Producer credit. Still could use Executive though


Personally I'd add it to 'Marketing' (Advertising/Marketing) unless someone knows different. There are numerous roles in 'advertising' but I'm just happy to leave it at that for the time being otherwise the roles will get way too cluttered.

Three people credited for this [b16816] are listed as "having an 'association' with the enterprise," and appear below the author's name on the title page: "[i]In association with [. . .]." Currently I have them credited with Other. Might we add Associate?

I've adjusted 'Producer' to 'Producer/Executive Producer' and 'Marketing' to 'Marketing/Advertising'. I've also added 'Associate.'

Thanks, seburns--appreciate that.


I've added Lettering.

Cartographer / Cartography By

I've added Cartographer/Cartography By.

Founding Editor?

Special Projects, Senior Writer, and perhaps Online Editor as well?

I've added Founding Editor, Special Projects, Senior Writer and Online/Web Editor.

Also I have a problem with a main artist.

Another problem:

The main cover credits Nichols, Cooke, and Whiteley - but inside the book it's specified that Whiteley is the illustrator, while Nichols and Cooke wrote the text. If credited accordingly, none of them are displayed as the 'main artist'. Should I give them also credits as "authors", or is there another solution to this?

Could credit all three as 'authors' but also add their specific roles as well. I had a similar problem where the 'Editor' got the main billing over the main 'Writer'.

Yeah, I already had earlier a similar problem, where the General Editor should be the main artist, but Editors take over if I enter them. I think crediting an illustrator as an 'Author' is probably ok, but what about an editor?

Depends how important you think the 'General Editors' role is in the publication. I might change it to 'Editor' and leave info in the notes saying what the actual role is.

Maybe at a later date they'll be an option to vary who the 'main artist' is rather than have is automatically the 'author' or 'editor'.

That'd be nice, as here's another example ( ) of a book whose compilers are rather the focal point.

Great to see this, though! Very exciting.

Depends how important you think the 'General Editors' role is in the publication.

His name is on the front cover. There are also 'editors' in the book, but their names are at the end of the book in small print.

Maybe at a later date they'll be an option to vary who the 'main artist' is rather than have is automatically the 'author' or 'editor'.

Yeah, I hope so too. :)

Not sure how you guys feel about this, but what about some sort of "About" credit? I have a number of books about the psychoanalytical theorist Jacques Lacan, for instance, but he shows up nowhere in the credits (though usually in the title). Thoughts?

I wouldn't mind. I think it would be good to be able to catalog people that the book is about. I'd also like to see the possibility to catalog characters, but I'm sure that's going to needs some more discussion - at least considering how "welcoming" people are towards the (more or less) imaginary characters in Discogs. :)

Bibliography by

I've added Bibliography by.

Re 'About' credit role: Do you think that making another credit role is sufficient or should there be a field for Subject?

Re main artist: I will ask teo about this and whether it is technically possible to have the option to choose the main artist.

I think a Subject field may be useful in some instances--a good idea.

Consulting Editor
Contributing Writer
Technical Advisor
Website Coodinator

In Spanish: Coordinación / Coordinador - In English: Coordination / Coordinator
Director de Infografía - Director of Infographic
Coordinador de Maquetación: Layout Coordinator
Director de Márketing - Director of Marketing
Director de Distribución - Director of Distribution

I've added Consulting Editor, Contributing Writer, Technical Advisor, Coordination by/Coordinator, Director of Infographics, and Director of Marketing.

For Website Coordinator, I've altered Online/Web Editor to Online/Web Editor/Coordinator.

For Director of Distribution, I've altered Distribution by to Distribution by/Director of Distribution.

Commissioning Editor

Executive Editor

I've added Commissioning Editor and Executive Editor.

Please add 'Publisher Serie' imo it should be splitted from 'Serie' credit

We already have "Preface by",
We now need a "Postface by" credit role...

I've added Publisher Series and Postface by. Sorry for the delay!

In Spanish: Supervisión, in English: Supervision, Oversight, Supervising

In this book: you can read "Simplified and abridged by Roland John" so something like "Abridged By" as new credit role.

Origination by Eric Linsell / Progress Color Limited

Requesting "Guest Editor" as seen on front cover here:

Rewritten By, possibly could go with the Retold by Credit?

Do folks think there's a value in having a linked "Interview With" credit?

The idea comes when thinking about zines and this thread I posted earlier:

For example, on this submission:
There's an interview with:
I credited the entity who conducted the interview using the "Interview By" credit. But there's no credit to the subject (Pinhas) so it's just in the notes, unlinked. It might be interesting to eventually be able to see every interview with (or even article on?) an entity linked from that entity's profile.

Sorry for the delay on these, guys. I've added Supervision/Oversight, Abridged by, Origination, Guest Editor, Retold/Rewritten by, Digital Manager, and Interview with.

Interviewer, Interviewee

Copyright Renewed By

seburns, there has been some discussion on a credit role for magazine / periodical brands:

Would it be possible to check out the thread there and either weigh in, or just add a new role called "Periodical Imprint" (or something along those lines)?

In Spanish "Subdirector", in English Sub Director? Assistant Manager?

In Spanish "Gerente" in English: Manager?, Managing Director?

In Spanish "Director de Administración" in English: Director of Administration?

This Printing in the Date section

Designed at


Nvm, I think Read By works.

Recorded at for audiobooks

This one had a new credit I had not seen before:

Linotype setting

Digital Imaging
Clothing (related to fashion photography)

Any support for a "Imprint of"/"Imprint Owner", or something similar? Or should we assume that the owner of the imprint is a/the Publisher?

Production Assistant

Any support for a "Imprint of"/"Imprint Owner", or something similar? Or should we assume that the owner of the imprint is a/the Publisher?
I think so and by the way i think I need this everyday and link it in my profile page

First Published By

and Republished in the Dates section

Script / Screenplay

Copyright [This Edition] - This is very needed and important because is the only way we can note the real copyright holder of the book. Many times a book shows us too many copyright holders...

Another for the Date section: First published electronically/as an eBook

or something similar

for the Date section

These could be also added to this thread:

These could be also added to this thread:

Thanks, didn't know about that thread

Collected by

Notes by


"Preimpresión" in Spanish, Pre-printing or preprint or similar in English

Acquisitions Editor

Hi guys. I've added Interviewer, Interviewee, Copyright Renewed by, Periodical Imprint, Assistant Director, Managing Director, Director of Administration, Designed at, Recorded at, Preprint, Acquisitions Editor, Linotype Setting, Digital Imaging, Clothing, Production Assistant, First Published by, Script/Screenplay by, Copyright (This Edition), Collected by, Notes by and Co-editor.


Expanded by
Updated by

Author Portrait
(for a painting)

Reprinted by arrangement with

Is there a way to credit another author who has been quoted or written a strapline?
Example, Eoin Colfer here:

It's not really a tagline or a strapline. Is there a term for this kind of endorsement? Maybe it's 'endorsement'.
I think it would be useful to include these - it gives an indication of where the publishers see their books sitting in a particular genre but also, on the author's page, I think it'd be interesting to see what other books he has lent his name to / supported. His name does appear on the cover after all.

Copyright Holder (Excerpt)

Novelization by
Based on the screenplay by

Reprinted with by arrangement with
(That's the exact wording on the book, not sure if there's a better way to say it)

Doesn't "Published in/by Arrangement with" generally cover that?

Generally, yes, and that's what I was going to use at least for the time being. But I'm not sure if they are exactly the same thing.

Written in cooperation with?

Graphic Production by

Photo Director
Photo Editing
(note that the book also has a separate Photo Editor and Photo Researcher)

Publishing Assistant

Colored by

Marketed by

We need
Music By:
Recorded By:
Mixed By:

For books with CDs

Can we have:
Staff Editor

So, how detailed do we want to get with credits? Some magazines I've been adding have a massive amount.

Just go here and open the credit page image in a new tab. I've listed most as 'Other' because they are so detailed.

How should we proceed?

So, how detailed do we want to get with credits? Some magazines I've been adding have a massive amount.
That looks like overkill to me. More, it may actually obscure who wrote and illustrated the content. For example, on this page, Amy Wallace is credited as having written "War of the Words":
Amy Wallace is a contributing writer. I don't see a credit to Amy Wallace on the Bibliogs listing. The same with Eric Jacobsen. (If I missed something, I'm sorry)

Aside from major credits like Editor, etc., I would focus, not on a long list of staff credits, and go to the Table of Contents and Article first pages to credit the writers and photographers/artists who are actually credited with creating the magazine content.

That looks like overkill to me. More, it may actually obscure who wrote and illustrated the content.

If they were important enough to be listed, then who are we to judge whether or not they get credited in our database?

Amy Wallace is a contributing writer. I don't see a credit to Amy Wallace on the Bibliogs listing. The same with Eric Jacobsen. (If I missed something, I'm sorry)

I probably missed that whole page when entering credits. I'm going to hold off editing that page though until more discussion is had.

The people who are building the database. I think we have a say in whether [i]we[/i] should credit the Luxury Account Manager or Midwest Account Director.

Drat. I forget the bracketed pseudo-HTML doesn't work here.

Production Coordinator
Audience Development Director
Reprints / E-prints / Plaques

So, how detailed do we want to get with credits?

I've been just posting here credit roles that are not on the list, and leaving the decision whether they should be added or not to the management. I don't mind a long list, I'd rather have that than people entering stuff like Producer [Produced By].

Prop Styling
Food Styling

Online Managing Editor
Publisher's Assistant
Advertising Director
Advertising Manager
Advertising Coordinator
Sales Assistant
Marketing Manager
Marketing Designer
Communications Director
Circulation Director
Director of Retail Sales

OTOH, why not have a similar autocomplete system than in Discogs? I know that you can already search the role by typing, but you still have to sometimes scroll the list.

Continuity Editor
Manufacturing Director

Hi guys. Again, sorry for the delay in adding these requests. I've added all of the requests since my last post. If you find that I've overlooked one, though, please let me know.

Reproduction Coordinator
Rights Coordinator
Supervising Photographer

Associate Publisher (a human credit)
Acquisitions Coordinator

Color Grading By

Co-publisher (a human credit)

Based On A Story By

Copyright (Original Edition)
as seen on

From an audiobook:

Executive Producer
Music Composed By
Narrator (appears in addition to Read By)
Package Design
Phonographic Copyright Holder

Origination By
(not sure what it means, it is after a typesetting credit)

Print Management
Color Management

Copyright Holder (Compilation)
Endpapers by

Photography Archive, Photo Archive or photographic Archive

Again, sorry for the long delay on these. I've added all of the requested roles since my last post.

Conclusion by?

There has been some requests to change "Periodical Imprint" to "Periodical Title".

I've added Conclusion by and changed Periodical Imprint to Periodical Title.


Art Assistant

Special Advisor (or just plain Advisor)

From an RPG rulebook:

Graphic Design
Lead Developer
Managing Developer
Interior Art
Licensing Manager
Licensing & Acquired Rights Manager
Head of Legal & Licensing
Intellectual Property Manager

(not sure how much overlapping there is, these are directly from the credits)

And even though the books don't directly give the role "Game Designer", I feel it's needed to be able to differentiate between the different design roles.

I wonder if the option to include a free text field (Designer --> Designer [Game Designer]) would be a good idea at this point.

I hope not... (heh) It has been discussed before, at least briefly.

If we're planning to sort the pages one day, I'm not sure if for example a game designer and graphic designer would belong under the the same heading. Sure they are both "designers", but while the other is a visual role, the other one is more of a developer role.

Captions by

I like Graphic Design as new role

More vague development/licensing credits:

Creative Development Manager
Director of Licensing
Art Approvals
Licensing Specialist
Development Editor

Cinematics by
Creative Development Writer
Creative Development Production
Creative Development Historian
Creative Development Editor
Marketing Director
Senior Brand Manager
Concept Artist
Studio Engineer

Original publisher (Editor original) in this book

@emilianito1972 - Could you use 'First Published by'?

@mirva - I've added all of your requests. Let me know if I missed any.

@seburns sure, thank you, Gracias!

Series Foreword?

Also: Series Editorial Board

One more thought: Would it not make sense to add a free-text field after the Copyright credit? I have a book for which we could add "Copyright (Foreword)" and "Copyright (Editorial Matter)", yet those both seem so particular that they might better be served with such a field. The same could be added to barcodes as well--as we have on Discogs (text, string, sticker, etc.).

@seburns - Thanks again! :)

@ahr2nd - I've added Series Foreword and Series Editorial Board. As far as a free text field following the credit roles, if it's something everyone feels would be beneficial, I can see if it's technically workable.

Editorial/Production Supervision
Prepress and Manufacturing Buyer
Cover Director
Cover Printed by

"Copyright (Foreword)" and "Copyright (Editorial Matter)", yet those both seem so particular

They are not that rare, actually. And we already have "Copyright (Introduction/Prologue)"...

Digital Production
Special Assistance

Color Reproduction

Scientific advisor
Section editor

The first one is common in scientific books; I encountered the second one only on one book, and I've added them as "Contributing editor":
Maybe we just need the possibility to specify the credits in [ ] like on Discog for the next version

Poetry by

Production Supervisor
Manufacturing Supervisor

Epilogue by

I've added all of the requests since my last post. Please let me know if I've overlooked anything.

Thanks! :)

Performed by

Cover/Jacket Font by
Logo by

Sculptures by
Costume Design by

Copyright (Cover/Jacket Art)


I've added these.

Book Club

Voice Actor

Also noticed we have "Executive Producer" both separately and as part of "Producer/Executive Producer". Is there a reason for this? Looks a bit odd when you have to use both.

Chief Operating Officer

Separations by

Curated by

Appreciation by

Event Director
Operations Manager
Events Manager
Sales and Event Executive
Digital Director
Charter & Brokerage Editor
Research & Data Manager
Chief Financial Officer
CEO (Executive Director) not sure maybe there is a similar role already added

Slipcase Artist (I have a lot of limited editions and many have slipcases).

Should there be a Print number?
A book could have multiple runs in one year without specifying the date

Should there be a Print number?

That has been requested in the code/identifier requests (among other places):

Design Concept

Under formats, could we have

Slipcased Hardcover?

Many limited edition books come in this format.

Design Manager

I've added all of the credit roles above, with the exception of CEO, which is already in the list. I also removed Executive Producer from the Producer credit. Thanks for pointing that out, mirva.

Other possible duplicate credit roles are:
Interview With vs. Interviewee
Interview By vs. Interviewer

Considering the length of the credit role list, it might make things a tiny bit easier to just choose one of each.

How can I enter this company?
Appearing in this book:

"Grupo Zeta" is a media group and it appears printed on back cover:
Ediciones B
Grupo Zeta


For audiobooks:
Sound Design
Sound Effects

Prologue by

Copyright Holder (Design)

Associate Designer
Technical Director
Research Assistant

Contributing Artist

Production Editor
Media Editor
Project Development Editor
Media Development Editor
Director of Creative Services
Manufacturing Manager
Assistant Manufacturing Manager
Production Support
Sales Director
Art Project Support
Photo Coordinator
Marketing Assistant

Film Processing

What credit role I should use for the people who work at Lucasfilm Story Group? The credit given on the book is just "Story Group".

Chronology by

Electrotyped by

@mirva - Would 'Story by' work for the Story Group?

@7_Sea_Cods - I've combined those interviewing credits.

I've also added all the requests since my last post.

@mirva - Would 'Story by' work for the Story Group?

I was thinking about it too, and it's probably the best fit.

Thanks for all the additions. :)

fantastic work so far.

how about Photo Credit? for example, i'm putting on American Tabloid by James Ellroy. On the back cover it says


These are all, I think, photo libraries whose work was used in collating the cover image. Photography doesn't seem to cover it really. Should we use Photography Archive instead?
Anyone got any thoughts on this?

Should we use Photography Archive instead?

You can use that too, though I've just used whatever credit has been used on the book. :)

From Critical Inquiry's masthead:

European Editor (I know...)
Senior Managing Editor
Deputy Managing Editor

Copyright (Foreword)

Offering this for people's thoughts, again:

"Not sure how you guys feel about this, but what about some sort of "About" credit? I have a number of books about the psychoanalytical theorist Jacques Lacan, for instance, but he shows up nowhere in the credits (though usually in the title). Thoughts?"

I find more and more cases where such a credit would be useful.

(At least for monographs on philosophers, etc.)

One more thing: I see this in Michel de Certeau's "Heterologies":

"The University of Minnesota Press is grateful for assistance to translation and publication of this book by the Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust, New York, and for translation support provided by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication."

What credit would work best with these? Right now I'm using "Other." Perhaps "Institutional Support" or "Fund" or "Translation Assistance" and "Publication Assistance?" Thoughts?


Not sure how you guys feel about this, but what about some sort of "About" credit?

seburns also suggested a separate Subject field. I think either one would work.

A "Told By" credit would be nice. I've submitted a book translated from an oral account of a traditional story.

Director of Creative Development
Lead Editor
Senior Manager
Editorial Manager

For magazines, "Letter"

Also: "Puzzle By"

All from Harper's Magazine masthead for the 2016 December issue:

"Editor Emeritus"
"Deputy Art Director"
"Poetry Editor"
"Web Editor"
"Intern" (for "Editorial Interns"--probably too specific)
"General Manager"
"Public Relations"
"Senior Accountant"
"Office Manager"
"Sales Representative"

Concept by

I've added all of these. Please let me know if I missed anything.

Cool, thanks!

Thank you!

Reproduction rights

Design adaptation

Published with Assistance from

(Arguably distinct from ". . . in Arrangement with . . ." which, to my mind, is used for other institutions and not funds.)

Digital Art Technician

Copyright Holder (Afterword)

Image Retouching
Design Supervisor
Special Effects Supervisor
Consumer Products Manager
Design Studio Manager
Publishing Manager
Assistant Photographer
Senior Production Controller
Senior Designer

Storyboard Artist

Sales Manager
Business Affairs
Editorial Journalist

Series Created by

Production Editor

Original Publisher (mostly present on translated works, afaik)

Just noticed that there's a 'First Published By' credit already.

I've added all of these. Please let me know if I missed anything.

I'm not sure if it was missed, but I'm curious why Franchise wasn't added. Is the Subject/About credit supposed to cover that too?

Executive Director
Development Manager
Legal Counsel

Rights Holder (or some better phrasing)

Copyright Holder (Afterword)

I'd also like to see the Franchise role to differentiate Series and/or Subject/About.

Conceived by

Here are a few:

  • Senior Designer
  • Junior Designer
  • Staff Writer
  • Letters
  • Letters Editor
  • Distribution (Is this the same as Distributed By/Director of Distribution?)

Copyright Holder (Retelling)

Also there are two copyright credits that are "Copyright" instead of "Copyright Holder"—wouldn't it make sense to change them to "Copyright Holder" as well?
Copyright (Cover/Jacket Art)
Copyright (Original Edition)

Also any chance to separate Copyright Holder (Illustrations/Photos) into two separate credits?

Sorry for the delay here. I've added all of the requests since my last post unless there was already a similar term. I've edited a few existing roles. Also, thanks for pointing out 'Franchise.' That was just an oversight. Please let me know if I've missed any this time.

Thanks for all the additions, seburns. The list is starting look pretty good.

I have a credit for 'Photography assisting' - I'm not quite sure what it means, whether these people are assistant photographers, or just other kind of people assisting the photographers. They appear in a cookbook.

Copyright Holder (Editorial Material)
Copyright Holder (Notes)
Copyright Holder (Preface) (we already have Foreword and Introduction/Prologue though...)

Associate Producer
Copyright Holder (Graphics)


  • Editor-At-Large
  • Archivist
  • Chief Archivist
  • Media Director
  • Research Editor
  • West Coast Editor
  • Editorial Intern
  • Editorial Production Director
  • Editorial Production Coordinator
  • Consulting Design Director
  • Photo Intern
  • Photo Associate
  • Video Production Manager
  • Cinematographer
  • Staff Cinematographer
  • Chief Archivist
  • Contributing Photographer
  • Technology Editor
  • Senior Technology Editor

Copyright Holder (Selection)

Asian Bureau Chief
Health Editor
Music Editor
Letters Editor
Contributing Photographer

Not sure how to credit the following:

  • Group Editor
  • Display Sales Executive
  • Classified Sales Executive
  • Senior Copy Controller
  • Copy Controller
  • Bureau Manager
  • Scanning/Prepress
  • Circulation Manager

I've added all of the requests since my last post. Please let me know if I've overlooked anything.

Digital Post Production

Also noticed we have both "Concept/Conceived by" and "Concept by", and the alphabetization is a bit mixed around that area too.

Digital Art Technician

this is actually a new code request, but today i saw "eISBN". :-)


Additional Design by
Additional Art Direction by
Additional Art by
Brand Manager
Category Manager
Project Manager
Digi-Tech Specialist

DTP Artist/Designer

Creative Editor
Image Unit
Licensing Editor
Imaging Technician
Graphic Production Specialist

Published For

Please add Phototypesetting to credits, thanks!


Color Separation as a credit.

Color separation is the process by which original artwork is separated into individual color components for printing.

I have been using the credit Color Reproduction, but this is not quite accurate.

IIRC the "Separations by" credit means the same, but should probably be renamed to be less ambiguous.

Thanks mirva, I hadn't noticed the role 'Separations by'. I have also encountered this role as 'Film Separations by' and no doubt there are other variations.

Copyright Holder (Volume)

Copyright Holder (Original Stories)

Assistant Production Manager

timeline by

I'd like to propose either "Funded By" or "Crowdfunded By". I've backed several books on Kickstarter recently and can see how this might be something worth tracking at the Credit level. Thanks!

I have encountered the role 'Published in Association With [a publishing company]' a few times. The closest role is 'Associate Publisher' in the first grouping which I believe is more for individuals rather than companies. This might be a useful addition.


Nominated For

Historical Prospectus by

Historical Prospectus by

  • Censor

This is useful for any publications with an imprimatur: It is meant to refer to the clerical or governmental person or institution that authorizes the final publication of a book.

Prelude by

Digital Editor please

Postscript by

Editor Of Translation

Lithography by

Submissions Editor

Copyright Holder (Maps)

"Secretaria/o de redacción", in Spanish, something like Editorial Secretary

I hve found "European Editor" as credit role, I think this sould be removed

Photo Reproduction

  • Editorial President (in Spanish "Presidente Editorial")
  • President, Board of Directors (in "Spanish Presidente, Junta Directiva") maybe use President and add explanations in notes
  • President, Executive Committee (In Spanish "Presidente, Comité Ejecutivo")
  • Sub-director (in Spanish "Subdirector")
  • Deputy Chief (in Spanish "Subjefe")

In Spanish: "Director de circulación" something like Director of Circulation or Publishing director???

Regional Studies

+1 about Censor

Colour Separation

Copyright Holder (Preface)

dzed I have already suggested the role of 'Colour Separation By' about 4 months ago (as Auribus). Mirva suggested that the role of Separations By is the same as this role.

kitchi-gummi preface is just another term for introduction, so IMO this is adequately covered by Copyright Holder (Introduction/Prologue).

preface is just another term for introduction, so IMO this is adequately covered by Copyright Holder (Introduction/Prologue).

Good point. Perhaps it could be changed to Copyright Holder (Introduction/Preface/Prologue), although that might make the line too cluttered.

That is a mouth full.


Marketed by - In Spanish: "Comercializa: CESMA, SA"

Criticism by

Copyright Holder (Preface)

I don't know if it has been added since the request was made, but preface is already covered by Copyright Holder (Foreword/Preface).

Manuscript Editor

I don't think this has been requested before: Made By.

Could you add a new genre : Roman noir (French) or Black Mask (American)



Could you add a new genre : Roman noir (French) or Black Mask (American) or Black Novel

Design Editor

Thanks for add "Legal Deposit" in "Identifying Codes"

DL (French)

Could you add a new genre : Roman noir (French) or Black Mask (American)

Black Mask was an American pulp magazine first published in the 1920s. The genre I believe you want is Noir Fiction: This includes roman noir and other variants of noir. I agree this genre would be helpful.

Thank you for your respons and the wikipedia link.

OK for "Noir Fiction"

Best regards,
JL Marique

Biographical Note by

Historical Consultant

Editorial by

I couldn't see Make-Up Artist.

GENRE : please add "Noir Fiction" =>

jlmarique this thread is for credit requests. There is a specific thread for genre requests:

When you made the same request a month ago, mirva kindly transferred your comment to the genre request thread. I'm not sure that repeating your request is going to have much effect.

News Editor

Please add something akin to "Blurb by", for reviews & such printed onto/inside the book.

Advisory Editor

Production Consultant

Filmography by

Funded by / financed by

Printed in

Or is that the same as Location of Publication?

Printed in is not the same as Location of Publication. Usually other locations have been entered in the Notes section, not to the Credits section.

Libretto by

Reviewed and expanded by

How would you guys credit the authors of works that have been adapted? I have a book that includes vocabulary-wise simplified stories of French works, they are meant for learning French. The book has them as "Adapted from [Author Name]" but since we don't have that credit, I was wondering if another credit could be used.

It depends in part on the way the "adapted by" person is credited; the author of the source material should be "author", "writer" or at least "contributing writer", I guess. Another option could be "based on the story by".

First draft by
Photo-engraving by

Music Publisher

Copyright Holder (Screenplay)

Some roles in one line for same person like at Discogs

Assistant Corrector

War - Fiction as a genre.

Just combine Fiction with War/Military.

I have been doing that but I was under the impression that credit was for non fiction books.

Maybe your right.

I do know that War/Military has been used for Fiction and Non-Fiction books alike, so you won't be setting a precedent if you use it with Fiction novels.

I will continue with the Fiction then War/Military credits, maybe soon we will get a War-Fiction credit.
Thank you.

Publisher's Assistant

Postscript by, if it does'nt already exist and i took no note of it :)

Postscript by is synonymous with the existing role "Epilogue by".

"Afterword by" is another possible alternative to Postscript.

Publishing/Publisher's Assistant is available.

I forgot "Afterword by" and I think that is better than "Epilogue by".

I forgot "Afterword by" and I think that is better than "Epilogue by".

I guess, depending on the content, the one or the other is more accurate.

Thank you, after checking the book, i think epilogue is the best choice and i corrected it

Note that epilogue and afterword are not the same thing. Epilogue is usually part of the work, the final chapter. Afterword is a piece about the book, written often by someone else than the author.

Administered By
(This would be a company role, the current "Administrative Assistant" or "Director of Administration" are not suitable IMO)

Copyright Holder (Lyrics)
Copyright Holder (Music)

Afterword is a piece about the book, written often by someone else than the author.

I think that is an extrapolated definition. Strictly an afterword is a concluding section in a book. It is synonymous with epilogue.

I don't know what "extrapolated" means, but do you have any examples where "afterword" is used to conclude the work (as opposed to the book)?

AFAIK, epilogue (the counterpart of prologue) is the concluding part of the work (not the book). A book can have both an epilogue and an afterword (or multiple afterwords), see for example:

This also seems to be supported by everyone's favorite source of information:

Other sources:

This is the Collins dictionary definition of afterword:

Oxford dictionary definition:

I see that the definition differs in Britain and the US, which probably accounts for my interpretation.

I miss a credit role for the jacket text writer. Or am I just too blind to find it?

I don't think there's one. There is a request for "Blurb by" credit, but it hasn't been added.

Copyright Holder (Speeches)

Printed at

This is because sometimes the name of the press is mentioned instead of the company running it, and sometimes they are credited separately, i.e. "Printed at [Name of the Press] by [Name of the Company]"

Executive Publisher

Half-pages Design or Bastard pages design
Also which is the best credit for an operator of desktop (computer) layout/operator of desktop publishing (trans from Russian)? I've used Layout by.

Editor of collection, editor of the volume. Or maybe somebody could give me a hint to use exisiting values?

E-book created by (or something similar, for the entity responsible for creating the e-book)

»Paper by« as an addition to »paper«


Academic/Scientific Editor

Excerpt by

Cover Model

Censorist or Censored by (is it listed in some form already?). Especially in Tzarist Russia.

I've been slowly adding 'Analog' and 'Asimov' science fiction magazines to the dB and have come across these credits:
Corporate Art Director
Associate Art Director
Director, Subsidiary Rights
Manager, Contracts & Permissions
Retail Marketing ?=? Director of Retail Sales
Newsstand Operation Manager
Classified Ad Director
Advertising Director
Design Director ?=? Consulting Design Director
Senior Production Manager ?=? Senior Production Controller
Director of Subsidiary Rights
Contracts Manager
Director of Newsstand Circulation
Director of Circulation Subscription Sales
Operation Manager Subscription Sales
Renewal & Billing Manager Subscription Sales
Advertising Sales Director
Assistant Advertising Sales Manager

the '?=?' matching credits which are probably close enough to what's already in the dB. Any other suggestions for using credits that match the dB are welcome.

westpier requests Engraved By

On some occasions there's a credit for the publisher's special projects department/team (like: 'Editorial office of contemporary fiction prose' in a publisher who also does non-fiction, it's listed among the least important issue data). Do i just put that somewhere in the notes? If there should be a role for that i don't know how to name it.

'Editorial office of contemporary fiction prose' is not a role that I have encountered, however I would suggest maybe: 'Editorial Board', or 'Editor for Special Projects', or 'Special Projects'. I would also list the way it is actually credited (i.e. in the original language) in the Notes section, so that it is not misinterpreted or lost.

There are numerous editor type roles, so possibly someone else can recommend a better match.

I meant to add that there is always 'Other', and then you can detail the actual credit in Notes.

I mean it's a subdivision in the publisher and it works with books in its own narrow field, so the role could be called 'Publisher's Subdividion' while 'Editorial office of contemporary fiction prose' would be the name of the credit entry.

Russian publisher Наука placed those subdivisions names on title pages like imprints, so there are credit entries for them (and their role is Publisher):
But it's not quite right for when they're definitely not 'Imprints' (brands) as they are only modestly mentioned once on the last page in small font, and Google never finds them.

Author's Editor

(for the editor not related to a publisher who consults for the title author, in some professional field, berofe the work is presented to a publisher. Is there already a role for that?)

That's what i used for now, but such role doesn't quite clear out that the freelance editor wasn't hired by the publisher's side.

Copy editor is the same as proofreader what i used to believe? From the publisher's side?

The Wiki article that auboisdormant​ provided correctly describes the role.

Freelance editor is probably a better description, but that doesn't exist. Maybe that is one to request.

Both the publisher and the writer can hire a freelance editor. Some books go through a double editing process; the author's editor(s) go through the manuscript before submitting it to the publisher, and the publisher's editor(s) go through it before it gets published.

I'm a freelance language editor (mostly limited to copy editing and proofreading) myself, and have had both companies and inviduals as clients.

Tbh, if you really want to specify that the editor was hired by the author, then you'd need "Author's Editor" credit or something similar.

Yes, after I wrote that I thought about it a bit and freelance is not a role but a description of their employment status. Freelance as opposed to tenured.

Plates by or Plates made by

Based on an edition by

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