I'd like to request EAN 5 in the Code section. It's a 5 digit code that is VERY COMMON with books in the upper right corner of the barcode area.

It's a price suggestion by the publisher.

For example, on this page

The code is 52800 which means they are suggesting a price of $28.00

Okay, I've added it.

I'm thinking we should break down the ISBN. For some years now, we've had an ISBN-13 variation which sets it apart from the ISBN-10 that we had for decades.

Could we change the current ISBN to ISBN-10 and add a new one of ISBN-13?

I know this will require going through all the current books to update their codes but I could do that in no time as long as there are images.

Also should we add SBN, the predecessor of ISBN?

"Also should we add SBN, the predecessor of ISBN?"

I'd say yes. It was used for about 9 years, from 1965 to 1974, depending on where you lived in the world.

just entered a sub with a SBN... will add it when this gets sorted :D

I've added options for ISBN 10, ISBN 13 and SBN. I left ISBN, though, for people who aren't sure which one it is.

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