Just added the novelization of the 1967 movie Bonnie and Clyde; the film takes some liberties from the real events (accordingly, the book does the same), which even led to Warner Bros being sued by Blanche Barrow (Clyde's sister-in-law) and the family of Texas Ranger Frank Hamer. I've put "Crime", "Drama", "Novel" & "Fiction" as genres to it but is it "True Crime" too, despite being fictionalized? And should Bonnie & Clyde get a credit as about/subject?

but is it "True Crime" too

Considering that a lot of "true crime" is either dramatized one way or another, or is a very subjective view of the events, it'd be fine to tag it with "true crime". The notes can always be used to explain any credibility issues.

And should Bonnie & Clyde get a credit as about/subject?

Why not? I would imagine it's still something that people who are interested in Bonnie & Clyde might be interested in, especially if they are collectors of Bonnie & Clyde related things.

I think true crime would be fine to use here.
Bonnie & Clyde as a credit would be good too as there are a lot of books about them.

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