Just a reminder not to forget that for titles, the first letter of each word should be capitalized.

See the first bullet in the Guidelines section at the following link.

Yes, same as discogs. English-American best practive.

However, I don't quite follow this rule. In German, for example, only nouns are capitalized. In French the rule is to capitalize the first word in the title, after an article (Nuit sans fin; Une Nuit sans fin).

It just hurts the eye to capitalize other words. It is untrue to what is printed on the title page. It is moreover simply ungrammatical..

What exactly do you gain by enforcing this capitalization? What is the necessity? .

I don't like this rule (especially for literature), and I don't understand why this should make a better database than the correct capitalization....

Absolutely dislike this rule when it comes to books, as above examples for French and German, when it makes the title grammatically incorrect.

It breaks English grammatical rules as well. I never said I liked the rule, I simply stated that it should be followed. It's been laid down for a purpose and perhaps we should find out what that purpose is.

Perhaps seburns could weigh in on that.

yes, that would be nice....

Moreover there is no warning when submitting that the rule has been broken... I think this needs a review as we reach into thousands of subs...

Good afternoon,

I've spoken with Nik about this and at this point since we don't have any way of enforcing the capitalization rules and there are concerns about grammatical clarity, you should capitalize in the way that you are most comfortable. I know that often the Library of Congress cataloging data only has the first word of the title capitalized, so there are obviously conflicting opinions. If we do decide to conform to the Discogs capitalization standards at a later date, we would have the Devs deploy a script to update entries. I know this isn't as clear-cut an answer as you might like, but please let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks Stephanie, looks like the right way to go! Much appreciated!

Capitalising each word does make senses for album titles, but here I am trying to follow the rules set out here for English titles. It's Easier to the Eye than A Title That Reads Like This.

In German I follow the rule that nouns/names/first word are capitalised. Dutch the same as English.
Maybe there are CSS rules that can be applied, I can look into it.

here I am trying to follow the rules set out here for English titles

I've tried following the capitalization on the book, unless it has been in all caps or all lower-case, in which case I've converted them to the language-specific capitalization (I mainly have books in Finnish, English and French). It's no secret that I'm not a fan of the Discogs caps, and I think that especially here we should at least try using proper capitalization.

I'm bumping this. Should we add what seburns said to the wiki/guidelines?

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