I noticed that there is a Various Credit which is being used for the role of Author: https://books.discogs.com/credit/396663-various

I'm sure this subject has been discussed in the Forum before, but I can't locate it.

From memory the comments ran something like, users don't have to list multiple authors, so Various as a Credit is not necessary.

If that opinion is still correct, then I will mark this Credit as "Don't Use".

users don't have to list multiple authors,

Now that's a surprise. What's the point of adding a book, be it a compilation, without crediting the authors so that the book can't be accessed from the authors' pages? As a placeholder until some other user finds it and does the job? Can i consider each time then whether author is gonna be 'popular' or 'not' in future submissions and so create or not create any credit page for them?

The staff have allowed users to submit a book using the Title, a Credit (doesn't have to be an Author), Language and Format as the minimum requirement.

I have looked at most of the books credited to Various and it seems to have been used as an alternative to listing multiple contributing writers on most submissions.

I am fairly certain this matter has been discussed previously and I think the consensus was that Various is a meaningless Credit and was not to be used.

I remberer seeing that but not sure about a dicussion. But i agree, it looks horrible.

I don't see a need for a Various credit either.


I once added a book with a Various Credit, bceause it was a compilation of short quotes that ranged between a single sentence and short paragraphs, but the book itself had no author given. Should we really add all the authors in such a case?

A quote from a wider work is not a work. There are aphorisms (maxims) compilations where i'd consider the compiler to be the ‘author’.

Should we really add all the authors in such a case?

It is up to the submitter whether they want to create a detailed submission or not. Admittedly, not everybody has the time or the inclination to do this, that is why it is optional.

A credit such as Various is meaningless unless you have a copy of the book. It would be more helpful to upload an image of the contents page so that users can view the writers.

Bravo. I knew we had discussed this subject before and I tried using https://www.google.com/search?q=searchterm+site:https://www.bookogs.com/forum​ with 'various' and 'credit' as the search terms and still couldn't locate it. At least now I know I wasn't dreaming of Forum discussions that never happened!

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