I have noticed that there has been an increase in comics and graphic books being submitted to Bookogs. Graphic novels and comic strip collections or comic book collections belong in Comicogs: https://comics.discogs.com/

For more information: https://books.discogs.com/wiki/when-to-add-to-bookogs-or-comicogs

I'm about to take advantage of extra free time and start entering my items into Bookogs and Comicogs. These are all examples of books in my collection, and I wanted to make sure I understand the guidelines correctly about where to enter each one:

  • Compilation of single-panel cartoons that originally ran in magazines, with little if any other text: Comicogs

  • Compilation of a comic strip that includes a line or two of commentary accompanying many of the strips: Comicogs

  • Book about a comic strip that does include substantial amounts of text, but is also illustrated with numerous examples of the strip, including chapters that are solely the strip with no text: Bookogs

  • Book that collects examples of numerous different comic strips, with fairly long introductions for each chapter, although the bulk of each chapter is just reprints of strips: Comicogs

I am not sure that what you have interpreted is correct. There was a conversation in the Forum recently that gave me the impression that books with single-panel cartoons belong on Bookogs: https://books.discogs.com/forum/728444-caricaturist

This split between Comicogs and Bookogs is a vexed topic. Hopefully, someone with a better understanding can provide you with some guidance. Sorry!

Yes, based on previous discussions cartoons belong to Bookogs.

If the content is a mix of comics and text, the publication can be eligible for both Bookogs and Comicogs, depending a bit on the amount of comics vs. text.

If you come across some problematic cases, feel free to ask in the forums. We'll try to help. :-)

Thanks to both of you -- I'll probably end up entering my comic/cartoon-related books last, so it could be a while until I get to them.

Thanks auboisdormant, I was hoping you would reply as I still have trouble making the finer distinctions.

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