As our database grow, i observe more and more language-related problems, both in my own work and other peoples submissions and questions.
Of course, its important to have standards on the top-most level like credit titles, but what about all the book-specific vocabulary, naming conventions and terminology for credits, country-specific codes, etc...
Its a lot of work to reasearch this by your own and do the same work, others have done before.

I think it may be necessary to have a more structured way to bundle all such questions and keep in exchange with people speaking the same (native) language. Creating just a new topic for this should not be a solution, because:

  • Why prefer a language over another? Our main forum could get clogged by a hierarchical order of languages. Topics have the tendency of getting lost in the forum pages, so it would be hard for a newbie to find the proper one.
  • Posts and Answered questions also might get out of view

Wouldn't it be great to have whole new Forums for that? I think it won't be that big of a task as Discogs already has a similar system.
Some further thoughts on that:

  • The language spoken there should still be English. New thread titles and posts may also contain a translation in the specific language. I think transparency is most important here. If i submit foreign language books, there should be an easy way for me to search for help by native speakers
  • Creating a new forum for a language that does not already exist should be created on user demand by the admins or thru an interface. A thread in the main forum may be opened for such inquieries
  • Language-specific sub-wikis or sections may be created. Users should be encouraged to transfer frequently asked questions to the wiki.

Im looking forward to read your opinions.

  • Do you think this is, at all, a good idea? Do you see further problems coming?
  • Is this, at all, realizable? This question goes straight to the admins, as my knowledge of databases is limited
  • Have you got further ideas on possible conventions?
  • Would you use such a forum or do you think it is just too much at the current state of bookogs?

I think what you are suggesting has merit, but there are so few users on this site that it might not be justified at present.

On Discogs there are groups dedicated to various languages and those users do excellent work cleaning up the database for their respective languages, and they also provide valuable assistance to users that might require translation services.

The problem on Bookogs is that you could count the number of active German users on one hand (maybe two) and that situation applies to most languages. There is nothing stopping a non-English speaking user posting a request for assistance in their native language in the Forum. There has been a couple of instances where this has happened in the past.

Hopefully, the site will continue to expand and maybe what you are suggesting could be implemented at some stage.

Right now, it'd be better to advance forum functionality to enhance cooperation between users, like pinned topics with guidelines for contributions in different languages.

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