Hello everyone,

I have a few books which can be subjected to "Secret Cults" or "Secret Societies" i.e. Freemasonry, Illuminati and so on. I have done one subject with "Secret Cults". Is this okay or should I renamed this entry to an more appropriate one? I don't which subject would be more precisely

Thanks in advance

Freemasonry and Illuminati are not by definition cults. A cult is group of people defined by a "religious" devotion to something, often a self-appointed leader.

It would be accurate to describe them as secret societies.

The book that you submitted where you used the About/Subject for Secret Cults seems to be more about secret societies rather than cults. One option would be to retitle the Credit Secret Cults to Secret Societies. However, you have the benefit of being familiar with the book so the choice is yours.


many thanks for your answer. Okay, I retitle it to Secret Societies.


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