I presume most of us are readers here, so what have you been reading the last few weeks during the Coronvirus pandemic?
I have been giving Gregory David Roberts Shantaram a second read as well as a third read of Alex Garlands The Beach, both are favorite books of mine. Non fiction reading at the moment is Great Explorers by Roderick Owen and I have the autobiography of Tenzin Norgay to get stuck into soon.

If my public library doesn't reopen soon I will be reading tea leaves and my palms. I have added Shantaram and The Beach to my reading list.

ha ha, my library is more like a social club theses days, it's shared with the local council and they even have desks interview desks where the books are, plus all the children's club event's they have there makes it a very noisey place to be sometimes.

I'm about to finish Uskollinen lukija, and also in the progress of reading The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All and volume 1 of The House of Whispers (comic).

Planning to tackle Pierre Lemaitre's "Cadres noirs" next. Though I haven't read anything too heavy in French for a bit, so I also bought the Finnish translation just in case... heh.

That looks like some heavy reading.

I don't think it will be that bad, just lately my French reading selection has consisted mostly of bandes dessinées and 19th century fairy tales.

When the German "shutdown" started, i was just reading Ernest Callenbach - Ecotopia. It's an utopian novel. It was a weird situation, reading it while i was driving in an near empty train right after the first big shutdown measures happened in Germany. I spend a lot of time in training blind-typing and coding because my job required me to work at home for a long period. Now im partly back to real work and back to commuting some days a week, which gives me more time for reading. I finaly read E.T.A. Hoffmann's Die Elixiere des Teufels, a prototype of a "Schauergeschichte" (kind of a German Gothic Novel). Today i just finished Emil Strauß - Freund Hein. Freund Hein is an old German word for the death and the novel is about the life and suicide of a musically talented young man who gets broken by the strict German educational system in the early 19th century. Although fictious, there are still lots of parallels to todays educational system and its pressure to perform.

correction: 20th C.

I have had a few people recommend Ecotopia, it sounds really interesting.

Years ago when I was backpacking, I met a melancholy young German guy who was reading Freund Hein and he described the book to me and how his own education had been a destructive experience. It doesn't sound like much has improved in 35 years. I would like to read the book, but I don't think it has been translated into English.

I do a lot of backbacking and travelling since the 90's. I was planning on going back to India at the end of this year for 3 months but that's not going to happen now. Where have your travels taking you Throwback?

Supernaut1970 technically I didn't backpack as I was cycle touring. You sound much more adventurous than me as I only visited countries where I could speak the lingo and drinking tap water didn't result in hospitalization. I'm the opposite of an intrepid traveller.

Cycling is a great way to travel, I have done that myself a lot as I usually rent a bike wherever I go to get around the local area, it can save on a lot of stress haggling with taxi drivers in languages you can't speak. When I was 22 I rode almost 2000km around India on a Royal Enfield Bullet 350. Best days of my life and now I am an old fart going through a midlife crisis that is what I had planned at the end of this year. It's taken me 3 and a half years saving up the cash for it but this virus has probably put that on hold for a year or two, even if the end travel restrictions this year, I will be staying at home.

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