I have noticed user https://books.discogs.com/users/ascariquesada adds a Written date to Works which is based solely on the year of publication. I have removed this erroneous information from English language Works and left explanations in the Notes.

That didn't have any effect so I sent a PM to the user asking them to only add Written dates to Works when the information can be verified through a reliable source. Again this had no effect.

I give up.

Also adds the 'written' date to some books, a bit confused about guidelines due to English not being their first language?

I don't speak Spanish so maybe someone with that skill can inform the user that adding erroneous data is not allowed. I did make that clear in my PM and it isn't that difficult to use Google translate and the message was very simple, but maybe something got lost in translation.

I've put ascariquesada in to Google translate and it came back "only here to annoy thethrowback".

Ha, ha, that would be right!

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