Hi all,
in a lot of books I possess (mainly German ones) there is a phrase that translates to something like this:

All rights reserved, especially the right to reproduce, share and translate. No part of the work shall be reproduced in any shape or form (e.g. Microfilm, Photocopy or other forms) or under usage of electronic Systems be saved, processed or shared, except under the written approval of the Publisher.
(In German: Alle Rechte, insbesondere das Recht der Vervielfältigung und Verbreitung sowie der Übersetzung, vorbehalten. Kein Teil des Werkes darf in irgendeiner Form (durch Fotokopie, Mikrofilm oder ein anderes Verfahren) ohne schriftliche Genehmigung des Verlags reproduziert oder unter Verwendung elektronischer Systeme gespeichert, verarbeitet, vervielfältigt oder verbreitet werden.)

What are the implications of this for the site? If I understand it correctly it prohibits the entry of any data concerning the book, because it is processed and saved in an electronic system, let alone to add pictures of the book. What are your thoughts on this? Does somebody know something about it?

IANAL, but - under US copyright law "Reproduction" needs to be "Substantial and Material" and showing pictures of a physical object that you own normally counts as fair use.

Not sure what German law says.

I imagine that if the copyright holder complained, we'd have to remove content.

Most books contain a warning regarding copyright.

Images of the actual book content should never uploaded as this would be a breach of copyright, unless the material is in the Public Domain.

It gets more complex in the case of book cover artwork which is automatically copyright protected, but most publishers allow for fair usage as it helps promote the book. However, these regulations can vary depending on locality.

I would asssume that if someone had an issue with any image that breached copyright then they would request the site owners to remove it and that would be the end of the matter. If there was a blatant breach where someone uploaded an entire publication, then there might be grounds for legal recourse.

What about the Table of Contents in both forms of pictures and spelled out in the chapter part of the submission. Isn't that technically a part of the work and therefore also protected?

It would be protected.

I would suggest that if you don't feel comfortable adding images like the Table of Contents, then the simple solution is don't. There is the Chapter section where you can add that information, but if you don't have the time or inclination then that is your prerogative.

I assumed you must be new to the site, but I see you have been on Bookogs for about three years. You do excellent submissions and I notice that you add various images. Has anyone complained about the content as a possible copyright breach?

Thanks :) I have added some books in the past but started to add my collection over on Discogs, but now that thats done, I've started coming back around. To this day I received no complaint. I just stumbled over that phrase while working on a draft, wondered about it and panicked a little as I saw that it is in most of my books.
I usually want to add all possible pictures including the credits and contents page, as I feel that it is most complete that way. I guess when such an explicit wording is present I'll settle with the contents just spelled out.

I think it also depends on the the images you provide: Are they hi-res or low-res? You used a high-end camera or just your avarage smartphone? Professionaly edited or just rotated and cropped? Have you got them from the internet or shot by yourself? Do you take photographs of actual content or just archivary-relevant pages? I guess if you stick to the latter, there should be no problem, as the characteristics of fair use are met.

I have only heard of one complaint when a user on this site was contacted by PM and asked to remove an image of artwork that belonged to them.

I know Goodreads has had a couple a lawsuits but I think that was over images that were perceived to be defamatory rather than copyright breaches.

Unless someone is pushing the boundaries by uploading multiple pages of content, then I don't believe anyone would be sued for adding a few images to this site. Just obey the image Guidelines.

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