I am looking for ideas on expanding the range and breadth of content in our in-house Wiki.

I started with a Booker Prize page, and we could definitely move onto other literary prizes.

I also wanted to create some content about the Faber Paper Covered Editions because I collect these (as do others). Now there's an existing credit, but I don't think we necessarily want to have really long credit profiles and the audience for this content is likely to be obsessives like me, so we can just link to the wiki from the credit profile.

I feel the in-house wiki should support the site by encouraging traffic, but ideally we need content that is engaging and uniquely ours.

  • Do you think the wiki should evolve in this way?
  • Do you have ideas for other pages we can create?

I once spent about four hours constructing a Wiki list of the winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature (similar to your Booker Prize table) and just as I was putting the finishing touches to it the power went off and I lost the lot: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobel_Prize_in_Literature

I see you have started another: https://books.discogs.com/wiki/nobel-prize-in-literature

There are numerous literary prizes, so the sky is the limit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_literary_awards

I don't know how you would gauge the popularity of the Wiki Articles or encourage people to use them. If someone is interested in the subjects then they will explore.

I will add that I love these sorts of lists because it encourages me to read new books. Just looking at your Booker Prize list has inspired me to read several new titles.

I can't claim credit for the Nobel Prize page - I just added it to a new Literary Prizes wiki category.

But I have added two more 'listicles' since.

You're right, I created the shell and lost the contents and then other users have resurrected it. Not all was lost!

All this sounds great folks. I too love theses lists.

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