The database is full of credits including the location, esp. in the German sections. For example:

I wonder, why the city becomes part of the credit name. If it is clearly separated (usually by comma), I don't think the city should be mention.

Of course credits like:
should be kept, because here the city is part of the name.

What do you think?

As I have just commented in another Forum topic, the inclusion of a locality is only relevant if a company has more than one office in different locations, or at some point moved from one location to another. The exception would be if the location is part of the official company name.

I think its tricky as with companies, sometimes the 'place' whilst not officialy part of the company name seems to be a standardised credit, eg.

Cox & Wyman Ltd, Reading (354 credits)

I'm sure there are other examples but i can't think of right now.

Including the location is just common practice in the publishing industry, at least in some countries, and is used in publishing and printing credits. And it's specifically the city, countries are not really used much.

Whether or not we should follow that practice is a different story. Most of the companies in the database don't have a location speficied in the credit name (unless part of the actual name), so I'm thinking probably not.

Of course there might be some good reasons to include it in some cases, like separating it from another company with the same/similar name.

Cox & Wyman Ltd, Reading (354 credits)

I thought it was decided to merge that with Cox & Wyman Ltd ?

I thought it was decided to merge that with Cox & Wyman Ltd ?

Same here.

I agree with the comments made by auboisdormant that most publishing credits include the location, but I think it is unnecessary to include this information in the Credit title if it is static.

If the site still had some staff members I would submit a request to perform a batch transfer of the books crediting "Cox & Wyman Ltd, Reading" to "Cox & Wyman Ltd". I might be better off asking Santa to include it in my Christmas wishlist.

Do you feel like a challenge westpier?

I think the city should be kept if it's obviously a common name.

Take Ebner, Ulm for example
I'm pretty sure there are a lot more "Ebners" out there, maybe even another printing facilities with the same name.
Also thinking about names like "Smith" in English or "Müller" in German.
My practice for more definite companies (most of them German) looks like this:

  • search for an already existing profile
  • add the name without the city as a new credit if there isn't one already
  • add whatever is shown on the colophon as an ANV
  • add the city to the credits page if not already done (Located:...)

Personally, I would prefer to add the location in a NV (well, to be exact: I want an Alias function like on Discogs and/or the NVs to be visible on the main page [like on Discogs]).
But there are so many ifs & whens which may require exceptions: registered/independent offices, locations becomming part of the name (like on Ebner Ulm)...
Too many users are not willing to do a proper research (even on the guidelines) and the staff operating invisible (if operating at all, sorry guys) is not helpful.
I'm just a male, so I like it as simple as possible, but I've been married so many years now, if someone gives me a rule how to do something, I'll do so.

thethrowback wrote:

I thought it was decided to merge that with Cox & Wyman Ltd ?

Same here.

I seem have steered mysteriously clear of that debate!

Stick a DNU on it and we can do it a bit at a time.

Stick a DNU on it and we can do it a bit at a time.

Too easy.

The database is still a baby. So unless there's clear evidence, I'd prefer to add the most complete info we can get. Most contributors are too lazy to add pictures of the relevant pages, so we will never be able to check it later.

Thanks for the interesting discussion. It turns out, that there isn't a rule or a common practice so far. And this is, what I see during adding books to the database.

As written in my first message I don't think, that it should be part of the credit name if it is not part of the company name. And like thethrowback and auboisdormant I don't think they are needed anyway.

But I also would be fine with the NV-Version mentioned by BadMoon and GruenerTee. In this case we will not loose any information.

btw. it might be a German problem but searching for german cities like München, Köln or Hamburg results in lots of credits including the city even if it is not part of the credit name:
Changing those to NV is a challenge.

Search for New York, London, Milano or Paris to get similar results.

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