I'm beginning to get worried. I haven't heard a peep from you in six months.
Any updates on the *ogs world? Marketplace?

In the information age, the lack of updates seems troublesome.
Maybe a little communication would reassure us that the *ogs sites are still viable.

If there is discussion about the *ogs sites elsewhere, please point me in that direction.

I wish you the best of luck and I hope you all are staying healthy during this time.

I am at the point where I am thinking that our efforts here are wasted. I have also noticed that all the tabs they had on the other og's sites linking us all up have gone.

I have also noticed that all the tabs they had on the other og's sites linking us all up have gone

I think you are referring to the marketplace tabs which asfaik was a system that never functioned.

As I said to someone recently, the quickest way to bring this site to an end is for everyone to stop contributing.

These are my thoughts (with my developer hat on)...

When I started contributing to 'bookogs', I thought that the website was most likely a way to experiment with new concepts and ideas in the wild. And that some of those new ideas would make it back into other products, others probably wouldn't. In some ways this has been borne out by features like the short-lived marketplace (that never went live).

Although I enjoy submitting content, I have worked on other prodicts that got pulled without much notice (even after months/years of development), so I wouldn't be surprised if that happened in this case.

These two things are foremost to me:

  1. People contributing is still very important - it shows that there is an appetite for this site, and that we are willing to put in the effort.

  2. Engagement with the community and delivery of features by owners, ensures that contributors don't feel they are wasting their time.

So, unfortunately, I agree with the OP's sentiment - there doesn't seem to be much in the way of engagement.

All said, I will continue to contribute, but my level of engagement here is much lower than discogs.

The staff gave an answer about the tabs issue in Discogs:

You can see it on all the other new ogs-sites too. No visible staff activities in 6 months. And to see activity on discogs makes it even stranger.

It's similar to the Tracks Feature on discogs, which disappeared over night. I was spending much time on merging tracks and now the feature is gone for more than one year.

I agree to thethrowback and others, that stopping to contribute will be the fastest way to get the site closed. And without a big database, it will stay hard to get new users and a basis for a marketplace.

But without any support, the engagement becomes lower.

Thanks for that link Madir.
It is a shame we have to got to Discogs to find out information about Bookogs.

Supernaut1970 maybe you could ask the staff to respond for a third time, you never know repetition might elicit a response.

Falsepriest's reply on the linked discogs thread:

Hey there,
Development on the ogs sites is currently paused while we focus our efforts on the Discogs marketplace and other projects. We don't have any staff actively working on these sites at the moment but we're keeping an eye out for bugs and addressing as and when possible.
Beyond the current status, I'm afraid I don't have any information on when the
ogs sites will be reprioritised or in active development again, but it's being discussed among the Discogs' leadership team.

Thanks for that detum. It's not the greatest news and confirms the lack of support by the staff. I just hope the site can rise above the neglect.

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