Hi all!

I have a unique calander/diary style objet in book form. It actually has no spine and can fold out, either left or right, to show the weeks in the year of 2003. Just wondering if this would actually be something I can submit to bookogs? It was made by Taschen.

Is there a link to one online so we can have a look. As I'm don't think blank diaries / calenders would qualify.


This was the best link I could find


I don't think we should add these kind of calendars.

The Guidelines don't specifically prohibit this type of publication: https://books.discogs.com/guidelines/about

However, I agree with indy133 because it doesn't have literary content. It is not a book or periodical.

There are some calendars in the database already, both the bookish ones and wall calendars:

Personally, I don't care either way. Just pointing them out if others don't want them here so that they can be removed.

I think wall calendars are OK. They usually contain literary and/or graphic content. Also, they have ISBN numbers and are usually saddle-stitch bound. Plus, a lot of them are very collectible. Perhaps though, Posterogs would be a more appropriate place for them.

I'm not sure about the journal type calendars. They usually contain unique graphics and sometimes even limited literary content. Also, they can be very collectible, but probably to a very limited audience.

They usually contain literary and/or graphic content

So does a User Manual, but they are on the prohibited list.

Actually, I think some user manuals should be allowed. Obviously, the 4-page, multi-language instructions for the latest Acme Widget have no place here. But, I think books like automobile owner's manuals should be allowed. A lot of them have even been reprinted by established publishers, and include an ISBN number. I don't think painting with the broad stroke by saying every manual should be banned is the proper way to go.

Considering the staff appear to be MIA, maybe Rafferty's Rules now apply. Frankly, if it rocks someone's boat to submit a calendar and they can do it without creating duplicate Credits, then I don't care either way. In the end it increases the submission total.

Actually, I think some user manuals should be allowed. Obviously, the 4-page, multi-language instructions for the latest Acme Widget have no place here.

In an old discussion a distinction was made between manuals that come with a product and manuals that are published separately from the product. So for example Haynes manuals should be ok, at least.

To get back to the "blank" formats: blank audio formats are acceptable in Discogs as long as they have a label and/or a catalog number (1.1.3.c.) - maybe something similar would work here too? Maybe some combination of the things that have been mentioned (publisher / collectability / ISBN / literary content / etc.)?

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