I've been adding CDs and vinyls to Discogs for about 10 years but I rarly add something on Bookogs and I have a problem I hope you'll help me with. Hw should I add the "master" so I could easly group all the editions that have been published? Here, I added the original name of the book to the "Works" field in both Polish translations of the book but I am not sure if it is correct.

You had almost completed the task, the only thing that needed doing was adding the author. Until that is manually completed, then the Works will not show in the author's database.

I have added some details to the Works and an image.

The Works is created using the original language title, so in this example it is the English language title.

It sounds like an intersting book, so I have added it to my reading list.

Thanks for the help. It certainly is, especially if you're interested in chess and World War II history

For futher information on Works: https://books.discogs.com/guidelines/work

If you have any further questions, then feel free to ask them in the Forum.

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